What does 420 Mean?

The Meaning of 420

What does 420 Mean?

What does 420 Mean? Well most people have probably heard the term 420 when referring to Cannabis/ Marijuana. But do you actually know the history of 420 and the true meaning?

The term 420 originates from California in 1971. This is where a collective group of teenage pot smokers meet at the wall (hence Waldos) at 420 everyday to smoke pot. The actual meeting place was the Louis Pasteur Statue near a wall. 420 Louis became their code for meet at the wall and smoke pot.

On their pot smoking adventures they went on the hunt for a local pot farm and spent many an idyllic day stoned looking for the pot. Unfortunately they never found it.. This didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for Cannabis and soon their place of meeting and time 420 gathered momentum with the Grateful Dead a band spreading the term to their fan base

After a while the Waldos dropped the ‘Louis’ part and used 420 to refer to anything Cannabis related.

You may wonder how 420 became a worldwide phenomenon. Well High Times magazine published an article in 1998 titled ‘Are you stoner smart or stoner stupid’. In which the editor Steve Hager calls for 420 to be the universal designated time to consume Cannabis. After this article 420 took off Worldwide and is now used as a general term for anything Cannabis related.

Since the legalisation (in some states) of Marijuana in America 420 has become a massive thing. April the 20th Worldwide has become National Marijuana Day where festivals and parties happen with a 420 theme.

What’s you opinion on 420? Do you wait until 420 everyday to consume Cannabis? Do you buy into the whole 420 culture?

Lets hope Cannabis is legal Worldwide so we can all celebrate the 4th of April 2020. 4/20.

And here’s to all the pot smokers who blaze at 420 or anytime of the day. Happy toking!>

Meet the Waldo’s now a group of 50 somethings who can provide evidence to back up 420

Meaning of 420
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