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Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016

Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016

Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016

June was a busy Month for 420 Cannabis Seeds UK. Finally some of the work could be paying off. We had 72 orders in June and they were all satisfied customers. June seemed to be the month for Feminised Cannabis Seeds as 92% of what we sold was Feminised. Lets hope July 2016 is as successful if not more than June. Let’s take a look at the Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016

The figures are in and we have 3 top selling Cannabis Seeds for the Month of June 2016. All are Feminised and all are great choices for growers Worldwide. Please remember these aren’t the best Seeds they are just what other people are buying

Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016
Female Seeds White Widow x Big Bud

In at Number 1 we have White Widow x Big Bud by Female Seeds. 420 Think this top’s the charts as number 1 in the top 3 Cannabis Seeds of June 2016 for a reason. That reason is it’s yield and massive stone it provides. Yields on this one a huge and reports indicate it can yield 650 grams per metre square. Now that’s a whooping 23 ounces. Also the high is very narcotic and numbs the body so the user feels utter relaxation and utter happiness. What more could you want?

Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016
Advanced Seeds Haze Mist Feminised Cannabis Seeds

At number 2 we have Haze Mist, which comes from Advanced Seeds. Which funnily enough has White Widow genetics in it. Haze x White Widow to be precise. High THC, high yield and a quick finishing time make this strain very commercial and very sought after. A classic Haze high that finishes in as little as 60 days – now that’s amazing for a Haze. Strong cerebral high that is more productive that most strains. This one sounds a real beauty and starts from only £11.48

Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016
Nirvana Seeds Bubblicious Feminised Cannabis Seeds

#3 on our list of Top 3 Cannabis Seeds June 2016 belongs to Bubblicious by Nirvana Seeds. Nirvana Seeds are an awesome Seedbank that have been around for a long time. They continually offer great genetics that are ideal for all growers. Bubblicious is a mostly Indica dominant strain that is very sweet and resinous. Expect sweet classic Bubblegum with a possibility of pink hairs. You can’t go wrong with Nirvana Seeds, they are top quality.

White Widow Cannabis Seeds reign supreme and are still great sellers.

In Conclusion White Widow seems to be having a come back in June 2016. For those of you who thought White Widow is old hat. Think again it’s still a very popular seller. All these new American strains will have to go some to beat the Classic White Widow. View all our White Strains

420 Cannabis Seeds offer a wide range of Cannabis Seeds including Feminised, Regular and Auto. All our Seeds are regularly price checked and we won’t be beaten on price. Why not check out all our different Seedbanks here?

Other top Selling Cannabis Seeds in June 2016 include

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