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Dinafem Medical Strains

Diafem Medical Strains

Dinafem Medical Strains

Dinafem Medical Strains takes a look at two opposing Strains that Dinafem Seeds have recently released. One is high in THC and the other is high in CBD. Both act as great Medical Strains and can be used to control many Medical aliments or at least the side effects of treatment. Firstly lets take a look at what THC and CBD actually are.

What is THC?

CBD how does it effect the body?

Whilst Dinafem Seeds do sell high CBD Strains most of then have equal THC:CBD ratios. These Strains can be ideal for Medical Marijuana usage. Their two new Strains are at the extreme of the scale and may be worth a look if your after tailoring your Strain for specific Medical use. Below you can read all about Dinafem Medical Strains and also get an insight into what THC and CBD actually do.

Dinafem Medical Strains – High THC

Dinafem Seeds have literally just released this Strain so it may be hard to get a hold of. We currently have stock of it (at time of writing this article) but we can just tell its going to be a great seller. Introducing Remo Chemo a strain developed purely for fighting the horrendous side effects of Chemotherapy. A highly therapeutic Strain that has over 24% THC and very little CBD. It descends from Canada and the Genetics are shit hot. Urban Remo worked alongside the University of British Columbia to develop and test this Strain. Your are guaranteed a top grade Medical Marijuana Strain that relives symptoms such as lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

Dinafem Medical Strains - Remo Chemo
remo Chemo

Dinafem Medical Strains – High CBD

Dinamed CBD sees the other end of the Cannabis spectrum. It has very high CBD levels and very little THC. With a THC:CBD ratio of 1:28. This may be the one to pick if you want no psychoactive effects. There is no high when consumed just a feeling of deep relaxation and bliss. Can be use in the treatment of stress, nausea, inflammation, muscle tension, convulsions or even some types of epilepsy, chemotherapy and many more. This one is sometimes labelled as an alternative to the famous Charlotte’s Web story.

Dinafem Medical Strains - Dinamed CBD
Dinamed CBD







Have you seen the new Dinafem Strain? Dinamed CBD Auto.

Thanks for reading our blog on Dinafem Medical Strains. We hope these two Strains may be of use to some people, providing Medical relief and hopefully reliving some of your symptoms. Please let us now if you have tried either of these Strains as we would love your feedback. Much peace and love 420.

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Patient Stories Episode 1 – How Cannabis Helps

Patient Stories Episode 1

Patient Stories Episode 1 – Medical Marijuana at its best

Patient Stories Episode 1 is a new and informative blog post regarding how Cannabis / Marijuana helps people cope and live with many Medical illnesses. Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we meet a lot of interesting people who use Cannabis on a daily basis. We thought it was about time they got to share their story and let the world know how Cannabis helps them lead a normal life.

Patient Stories Episode 1 is a all about a wonderful woman named Terresa. She is an inspiration to many and a leader in the Cannabis Clubs Society. She timelessly uses all her energy to help others and fight the good fight for Cannabis legalisation in the UK. Without people like Lady T Cannabis many people would carry on in life silently suffering. Here’s Lady T’s full story. Boy is it emotional so get the hankies ready, this lady is a star and true inspiration to others:

Patient Stories Episode 1 – Lady T.

“My name is Terresa, nicknamed Miss T. I use cannabis for pain as I have the following illness: Hereditary Haemorrhagic Telangiectasia a rare blood disorder affecting 1 in every 500 people, it causes bleeds internal and out from my nose to eyes and a lot of other problems linked to this! Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Degenerative joint disorder, nerve damage all through, Sciatica, restless leg syndrome, asthma, IBS, Hiatus hernia, an ulcer, mental health problems and depression, I had smoked weed for many years!

Once I learned the true value of cannabis and what a great painkiller! I wanted to do more for others like myself.  So I started my own page named Liverpool Cannabis Compassion Community, to inform others all over the world of the true benefits of cannabis.

From CBD, CBN, CBC to THC all made from the cannabis plant. It can be used in a form of tar like substance called RSO oil. You can cook, make balms, tinctures and a whole lot more with cannabis!

My page has been running for 2 years now and growing by the day, I do this page to help other sick medical users. What I do is talk to people who I can help, in whatever way I can! And I do this because I care for others. So now I am able to do more than just talk to people! I had a lot of help in contacting a lot of companies, a big massive thanks to all who have helped me and my community. Now I can actually help sick people who are in real need!

I believe Cannabis should be made legal for all who need it especially the kids!! As it is after all just a plant! Cannabis has amazing healing and pain relief power! It can be used in many ways because it’s natural!

Helping others with pain relief

If I had not found help from spider a few years back and Hiydrow after that. I don’t know what me quality of life would be like. Cannabis keeps me out of a wheelchair for now!  I will carry on doing what I do to help others and fighting for the legalisation until I have no fight left!
Terresa x”

Thank-you Lady T for sharing your story with others. You are a true inspiration and I’m sure everyone would like to think you for your tireless work without the Cannabis community. Also can I get a big shout out to Liverpool Cannabis Compassion Club. You can view their Facebook page here. Please show your support for Lady T and all Medical Marijuana users.

Last but not least I would like to personally Thank Lady T for sharing your story and letting the World know the Medical benefits of Cannabis. Remember Lady T would be in a wheelchair with no life quality if she didn’t medicate on Cannabis. Great story and thanks again.

As you can see this is Patient Stories Episode 1. If anyone out there would like to share their story and let me know how Cannabis has helped them please contact me on Facebook. You can find my page here. All stories regarding Cannabis are welcome. Thank for reading and much love to Lady T your a legend.

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What does 420 Mean?

The Meaning of 420

What does 420 Mean?

What does 420 Mean? Well most people have probably heard the term 420 when referring to Cannabis/ Marijuana. But do you actually know the history of 420 and the true meaning?

The term 420 originates from California in 1971. This is where a collective group of teenage pot smokers meet at the wall (hence Waldos) at 420 everyday to smoke pot. The actual meeting place was the Louis Pasteur Statue near a wall. 420 Louis became their code for meet at the wall and smoke pot.

On their pot smoking adventures they went on the hunt for a local pot farm and spent many an idyllic day stoned looking for the pot. Unfortunately they never found it.. This didn’t dampen their enthusiasm for Cannabis and soon their place of meeting and time 420 gathered momentum with the Grateful Dead a band spreading the term to their fan base

After a while the Waldos dropped the ‘Louis’ part and used 420 to refer to anything Cannabis related.

You may wonder how 420 became a worldwide phenomenon. Well High Times magazine published an article in 1998 titled ‘Are you stoner smart or stoner stupid’. In which the editor Steve Hager calls for 420 to be the universal designated time to consume Cannabis. After this article 420 took off Worldwide and is now used as a general term for anything Cannabis related.

Since the legalisation (in some states) of Marijuana in America 420 has become a massive thing. April the 20th Worldwide has become National Marijuana Day where festivals and parties happen with a 420 theme.

What’s you opinion on 420? Do you wait until 420 everyday to consume Cannabis? Do you buy into the whole 420 culture?

Lets hope Cannabis is legal Worldwide so we can all celebrate the 4th of April 2020. 4/20.

And here’s to all the pot smokers who blaze at 420 or anytime of the day. Happy toking!>

Meet the Waldo’s now a group of 50 somethings who can provide evidence to back up 420

Meaning of 420
Waldos 420