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Dinafem Medical Strains

Diafem Medical Strains

Dinafem Medical Strains Dinafem Medical Strains takes a look at two opposing Strains that Dinafem Seeds have recently released. One is high in THC and the other is high in CBD. Both act as great Medical Strains and can be used to control many Medical aliments or at least the side effects of treatment. Firstly […]

Patient Stories Episode 1 – How Cannabis Helps

Patient Stories Episode 1

Patient Stories Episode 1 – Medical Marijuana at its best Patient Stories Episode 1 is a new and informative blog post regarding how Cannabis / Marijuana helps people cope and live with many Medical illnesses. Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we meet a lot of interesting people who use Cannabis on a daily basis. We […]

What does 420 Mean?

The Meaning of 420

What does 420 Mean? What does 420 Mean? Well most people have probably heard the term 420 when referring to Cannabis/ Marijuana. But do you actually know the history of 420 and the true meaning? The term 420 originates from California in 1971. This is where a collective group of teenage pot smokers meet at […]