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High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds

High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds

High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds

High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds is a question we asked a lot. Finally we can say yes there is an Autoflowering Strain that is high in CBD and low in THC. To be precise Dinamed CBD Auto has 14% CBD and less than 1% CBD. It is an ideal Medical Marijuana Strain and benefits from being Autoflowering.

High CBD Strains have been gaining in popularity a lot lately. People are looking for Medical Cannabis that does not get them stoned but can treat Medical problems and symptoms. The most famous probably being Charlotte’s Web. Read all about CBD, it’s amazing health benefits and it’s ability to treat almost all Medical complaints and their side effects.

High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds – Dinamed CBD Auto

Dinamed CBD Auto is based on the photo-period Feminised Dinamed CBD. It is an ideal way to gain a quick harvest of beautiful CBD enriched buds. They can be grown indoors, outdoors in a greenhouse. Just about anywhere there is some light.

Tip: A lot of people now run their veg tents on 18 hours of light for their photo-period strains then add Autos in with veg plants to gain that extra crop.

You can read all about Dinamed CBD Auto here and view some pics of it in action below.

High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
Dinamed CBD Auto
High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
Dinamed CBD Auto Seeds
High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
High CBD Autoflowering Seeds
High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds Dinamed
Dinamed CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
High CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
High CBD Auto
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CBD: An All-Natural Way to Get Rid of Your Anxiety

CBD Greencamp

CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety is one annoying and persistent mental condition. We all feel it from time to time, and it is perfectly fine in moderate amounts. But, when anxiety starts to interfere with your everyday
activities (like sleep) and lasts for more than a few days, it’s time to do something about it.

There are a few ways to deal with it. First of all, anxiety can be treated with the right
psychotherapeutic intervention to relieve the physical symptoms, too. Cognitive behavioural
therapy (CBT) is the most common method for treating anxiety. But, one session with your
therapist will not be enough. It takes time and a lot of patients for CBT to work, sometimes even
up to 5 months.

Then there are anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. However, like with any other
medications, these too can cause a number of side effects, like blurred vision, tiredness or
restlessness, dry mouth and so on. That’s why more and more patients are turning to
alternative, natural ways to relieve anxiety.
And here we get to the point. The secret natural remedy for any type of anxiety disorder its Cannabidiol. CBD is just one other compound found in cannabis herb, besides THC and many

CBD – what are the plus sides of this powerful and natural compound?

Although it comes from the Marijuana plant, CBD does not produce a head-buzz like THC does.
The only trick to it is that you have to take the right dosage and medicate every few hours. If you
get it right, there is almost no possibility to experience any side effects.

Scientists have high hopes when it comes to CBD for anxiety and we can expect more research
in the near future. However, there have been some studies on this issue until today.

The 2017 report by the British Pharmacological Society pointed out to a few studies which have
confirmed the positive effects of CBD in reducing anxiety. Also, CBD especially reduces
symptoms of phobias and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which are both based on
learned fears.

CBD is also proven to reduce stage fright before speaking in front of public. This info-graphic by
Greencamp, called 5 Fascinating Benefits of CBD for Anxiety, provides a neat breakdown of
CBD’s effects on every anxiety disorder.

Check it out to find which kind of treatment is best suitable for your specific condition.
CBD for anxiety

With many thanks to for providing this article. We hope it raises awareness of CBD as a medicine. You can also check out all our CBD Cannabis Strains.

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Dinafem CBD Strains

Dinafem CBD Strains – available at 420 Cannabis Seeds

Dinafem CBD Strains is a list we have put together to show all the high CBD Strains Dinafem Seeds has to offer. Dinafem Seeds currently sell 80 different Strains so we thought it may be handy to just view their high CBD Cannabis Seeds. CBD is an ideal way to treat many Medical aliments. Read all about CBD here.

Dinafem CBD Strains include some Autoflowering and some Feminised Cannabis Seeds. In total there is 15 high CBD Dinafem Strains. The Dinamed CBD is one of our favourites. Watch out for this one as it has very low THC and very high CBD. Click the pictures below to read all about Dinafem high CBD Strains.

Dinafem CBD Strains - Amnesia CBD Auto Cannabis Seeds
Amnesia Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - Amnesia CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Amnesia CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - Bubba Kush CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Bubba Kush Feminised THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - Cheese Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds
Cheese Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - Cheese Feminised CBD
Cheese Feminised CBD – THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - Critical + Auto CBD
Critical + Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - Dinamed CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Dinamed CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:25
Dinafem CBD Strains - Early Amnesia CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Early Amnesia CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - Haze Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds
Haze Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:1.3
Dinafem CBD Strains - Industrial Plant Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds
Industrial Plant Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - OG Kush Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds
OG Kush Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - OG Kush CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
OG Kush CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - Purple Orange CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Purple Orange CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:2
Dinafem CBD Strains - Shark Shock CBD Feminised Cannabis Seeds
Shark Shock CBD Feminised – THC:CBD 1:1
Dinafem CBD Strains - White Widow Auto CBD Cannabis Seeds
White Widow Auto CBD – THC:CBD 1:2
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CBD Info

CBD Info

CBD Info, all about CBD

CBD Info is an informative blog regarding the therapeutic uses of CBD. Or Cannabidiol to give it it’s proper name. This blog was written by Rose Cameron and takes a look at CBD Info. It gives a lot of insight into why people use Medical Marijuana. Thanks Rose love the info graph and CBD Info.

Why are patients resorting to utilise medical Cannabidiol

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, is a flowering plant recognised for its Medicinal and recreational use. It acts on the Endocannbinoid system, a system of endogenous receptors. These receptors may have a mediating role in inflammation, nausea, pain, and many other biological functions.

Weed has over 80 chemical constituents, known as “cannabinoids”, which alter neurotransmitter release from the brain. One of the most active and studied constituents of Cannabis is Cannabidiol (CBD).

CBD yields none of the psychoactive compound that Marijuana contains. Recent evidence suggests that it has potential therapeutic benefits for a wide range of conditions. In fact CBD one component of Cannabis is a medical wonder. Having anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Including the support of mitochondrial function at the cellular level. It also helps the body regulate insulin production and manage caloric intake more efficiently.

CBD is consumed in a variety of forms including oil, tinctures, edibles, capsules, lotion and even chewing gum by patients. Amongst them Cannabis Oil has gained popularity in recent years. This is due to the wide range of Medical Conditions that many claim it can treat.

It has been found effective in providing relief to patients suffering from problems such as chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, asthma, arthritis, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and, most notably, cancer.

CBD Info – CBD as a medicine

The following info-graphic gives a sneak peek about the usefulness of CBD / Cannabidiol as a medicine.

CBD Info Graph
CBD as Medical Marijuana

If your interested in high CBD Cannabis you can check out all our high CBD Strains. If CBD isn’t for you why not view all our Cannabis Seeds. We sell a wide range of Feminised, Regular and Autoflowering Seeds. We also offer free UK delivery on all Cannabis Seeds.

Many thanks Rose for your informative article on CBD and it’s growing use as a Medicine Worldwide. Credit: Rose Cameron – Cannabis Owl


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Best Medical Marijuana Seeds

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds for sale at 420 Cannabis Seeds. We sell a wide range of Medical Marijuana Cannabis Seeds but by far the two biggest sellers and in our opinion the most effective Medical Marijuana Genetics are Candida and CBD Therapy.

Medical Marijuana is becoming a really big thing. Since America have all but legalised Cannabis for Medical use there has been a massive spike in the sales of High CBD Strains. We predict this increase will only keep on rising as the World realises what a great medicine CBD is. It can be used to treat a wide range of illnesses and Medical conditions including:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Antibiotic Resistance
Digestive Issues
Endocrine Disorders
Epilepsy and Seizures
Heart Disease
Huntington’s Disease
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kidney Disease
Liver Disease
Metabolic Syndrome
Mood Disorders
Motion Sickness
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Neuropathic Pain
Osteoporosis/Bone Health
Parkinson’s Disease
Prion/Mad Cow disease
Sickle Cell Anemia
Skin Conditions
Sleep Disorders
Spinal Cord Injury
Stroke and TBI

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds is a really hard question as there is so many seeds now that have High CBD. You can view our full range of CBD Seeds here. We would 100% recommend CBD Crew Therapy and Medical Marijuana Genetics Candida CD-1. These are our top two picks and closely resemble the World famous Charlotte’s Web. What is CBD?

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds – CBD Crew Therapy.

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds
CBD Therapy Lab Reports

CBD Crew Therapy has a 1:20 THC:CBD ratio and is a great choice for any Medical illness. Whilst it may not cure Cancer it will certainly aid in the treatment and keep all those nasty side effects at bay. Also it has been proven to prevent or at least reduce epilepsy fits. If you spot this Strain in stock I would buy it. It has just recently went out of stock again and has been our best selling seed by far for the past month.

CBD Crew know their Medical Marijuana CBD Strains as this is all they sell. CBD Therapy was in the development stage for over 4 years so you know it has been researched and Medically tested to have High CBD.

Best Medical Marijuana Seeds – Medical Marijuana Genetics Candida CD-1

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Best Medical Marijuana Seeds" width="1000" height="1333" class="size-full wp-image-40590" /></a> CBD Therapy Lab Reports
Candida CD-1 Lab Results

Candida is one of the latest Strains to come from a new Seedbank called Medical Marijuana Genetics. It has a 1:20 climbing up to 1:30 ratio of THC:CBD and is now available at 420 Cannabis Seeds. Its name means ‘Bright Light’ in Latin and is named after the founders Mother. A Strain that is an excellent choice for making CBD Cannabis Oil that aids in treating most illnesses. In fact it is highly recommended for the treatment of relief from ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, Autism, Depression, Epilepsy, Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Autism and many many more.

Medical Marijuana Genetics have 4 other different High CBD Strains that all are excellent Medical Marijuana Seeds. Night Night is the best Strain for insomnia, whereas Txaki is great for ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, and Depression. You can view all Medical Marijuana Genetics Seeds here and see which one would suit your needs best.

Other Seedbanks that are dedicated to High CBD Strains include Super CBDx and Medical Seeds.

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Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank is an all new Seedbank specialising in High CBD Cannabis Seeds. You can view all their Cannabis Seeds here and also view a little about their history and how they got into Cannabis and CBD.

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank offer 5 different Seeds all are Feminised and all have high CBD content. We thought we would take a quick look at all 5 Seeds and help you pick which one is for you?

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank Candida
Candida CD-1
Strain Name: Candida CD-1

Genetics: ACDC x Harlequin

% CBD:THC: 20:1

Treats: ADD/ADHD, Anorexia, Autism, Depression, Epilepsy and Depression.

Effects: Energiser, Non-Psychoactive, Relaxer, Sedative

Medical Marijuana Genetics - Green Doctor
Green Doctor GD-1

Strain Name: Green Doctor GD-1

Genetics: Candida CD-1 x Haze

% CBD:THC: 2:1

Treats: Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Cancer and Fatigue

Effects: Energiser, Pain Killer, Relaxer

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank - Night Night
Night Night NN-1
Strain Name: Night Night NN-1

Genetics: Candida CD-1 x Shiskaberry

% CBD:THC: 1:1 ranging to 20:1

Treats: Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Vomiting, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus and Insomnia

Effects: Pain Killer, Relaxer, Sedative

Medical Marijuana Genetics - Hiydrow
Hiydrow HY-1
Strain Name: Hiydrow HY-1

Genetics: Candida CD-1 x Girl Scout Cookies

% CBD:THC: 1.5:1

Treats: Chronic Pain, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Vomiting, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus

Effects: Cleanser, Energiser, Pain Killer, Relaxer

Medical Marijuana Genetics - Txaki
Txaki TX-1
Strain Name: Txaki TX-1

Genetics: Candida CD-1 x Tijuana

% CBD:THC: 2:1

Treats: Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Cancer 

Effects: Energiser, Relaxer, Sedative

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank – Strain Info

Cleanser: A thorough cleanse of the system helps to restore your body balance and well being. Ideal to treat gastro-intestinal problems, cancer cell growth and many skin problems like acne and dermatitis.

Energiser: A boost of energy ideal for people suffering depression or tiredness/ fatigue

Non-Psychoactive: High CBD Content, low THC content ideal for younger and older patients who can not tolerate the psychoactive effects of THC. Ideal for childhood epilepsy or degenerative diseases.

Pain Killer: Great relief from chronic pain. THC levels are slightly higher as THC targets pain.

Relaxer: Relaxing strains combat anxiety, stress and insomnia.

Sedative: High CBD content contributes to anti anxiety and insomnia.

Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank is a great source to grab all you CBD Seeds. Their Cannabis Seeds vary and different strains help to treat different things. Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we offer Free UK Delivery on all Medical Marijuana Genetics Seeds and ship Worldwide with Stealth delivery as standard.

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Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew – 420 Cannabis Seeds love CBD Crew so we thought we would do a quick interview with them to see what is happening in their World. CBD Crew were the first Seedbank to release high CBD genetics to the World and to this day they are at the forefront of CBD and Medical Marijuana. Read our full Interview with CBD Crew below:

Question 1: Hi Elisabeth and Line great to be talking with you and thankyou for this Interview with CBD Crew much appreciated. Can you give me a brief history of CBD Crew and who is involved with your great genetics?

Hi Emma. Yes, we can. CBD Crew was created after we saw the amazing healing benefits of  CBD:THC in medical patients. CBD suddenly got a lot of attention and soon people started demanding 1:1 strains, but there was no stable  genetics on the marked. With stable genetics we mean that every single seed would contain 4% or higher CBD. Unless you had a laboratory near you, you had no real way of telling  if you had a pure THC pheno or a high CBD pheno with the existing seeds on the marked. ( Remember to always ask producer for stability if they promote their seeds as CBD:THC seeds. ) And especially for medical patients that were children, this was a thing the parents would like to know before starting a grow for treatment.  So Resin Seeds hooked up with Shantibaba & Mr.Nice seeds to start creating the worlds first stable CBD:THC seed collection. It took 3 years, but then we had finally done it. We now had all cannabis, no hemp, CBD-enriched seed collection and
CBD Crew was then introduced to the people 🙂

Interview with CBD Crew – CBD as a medicine

Question 2: Why use CBD as a medicine? What are the benefits?

CBD should be used as medicine due to the fact that it’s a safer option for many people. And it’s easy to grow and make yourself, as we know very well that many people that are ill also suffer great economic loss due to medications and treatments. Being able to grow your own herbal remedies should be a human right.

But we at CBD Crew don’t really advice people to only use one single cannabinoid at the time as a treatment, we believe in whole plant treatments for most illnesses. And we think it’s very important to inform people that try single extracts from industrial hemp, that if it does not work for you, that does not mean that cannabis whole plant extracts wont work for you. But due to legality, we understand that people want to try them first and some find the help they need. So much more science needs to be done on these issues. But for serious illness, we always recommend whole plant extracts. 

We get a lot positive of feedback from people dealing with inflammation issues, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis and such. This with small amounts of cannabis,  without having to be “stoned” as many don’t want that side effect.

What medical conditions can CBD help with?

Also we have a lot of people with issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar that also notice a very different reaction to CBD/THC-riched cannabis, than “normal” THC-rich cannabis.
As for epilepsy, CBD-enriched cannabis is by far the safer option for treatment  for so many. It’s disturbing that we still deny these people cannabis as an option.  We also see a rising use of CBD-enriched cannabis in treatment of autistic children now.
And of course, cancer. But with cancer, THC and CBD need to work together and an holistic approach all together.
You can read some of the testimonials we have gotten on our web page

Question 3: What makes your seeds different from other high CBD strains?

First that they will all contain high CBD and THC.

Second that we have been lucky enough to get to use some of the worlds finest genetics to cross and make CBD-enriched varieties from.

Third, we have a range from Indica to Sativa, feminized , regular and and auto, so that every grower or patient should find something they prefer.

We do also produce CBD-enriched seeds for many other big seed banks, so if you see our name on other companies seeds, you know you will have stable good genetics there as well.

Question 4: What is your most popular strain and why do you think its so popular?

Overall it’s been CBD Critical Mass, probably due to the fact that Critical Mass for Mr.Nice (one of the parents) is a very popular plant world wide. A great yielder,  and not to difficult to grow both indoor and outdoor.

CBD Crew Therapy – low THC high CBD.

But this year it’s definitely been our low THC, high CBD strain CBD Therapy that has sold the best after we released it. There is obviously a huge need for low THC high CBD cannabis strains. We are stabilizing it another round and making more seeds now as we are all sold out!

Question 5: Which strain would you personally recommend and why?

Liz: I love indica strains, so I like a lot CBD Nordle. I’m not a medical patients, but I prefer to smoke CBD:THC if I can. Just more relaxing for me and I can be active all day, but still calm and without anxiety. And it’s easy to grow!

Line : I usually prefer sativa strains, but when it comes to CBD Rich strains i like them all, indica or sativa. I find it a bit hard to choose ONE, but CBD skunk Haze has a nice Balance of both indica and sativa and  often showing a bit higher percentage in CBD and THC, which gives a great high, It  is also great to make hash or oil With if you prefer that. But naturally has a longer flowering time due to its Sativa influences, still yielding good from its indica side. so worth waiting for. 😉

CBD Crew Growing tips

Question 6: Any tips on growing CBD Crew Seeds? Would you recommend any particular growing method/ medium?

After also working a long time in a grow shop, we know that there are many ways to Rome when it comes to growing.
But for a beginner we always recommend to not start to advanced, the basics.  Then if you feel the passion of growing you can start experimenting and buying expensive equipment.
As many people that contact us are  interested in making medicine, we of course advise to grow as organic as possible and flush well. You want a clean end-product. So don’t take the organic clean cannabis and use unclean solvents to make oils and such. Keep it clean!

Interview with CBD Crew
CBD Crew with Mr Nice

Question 7 : RIP Mr Nice one of the most respected men in the Cannabis industry. What was it like to work with the legend of Cannabis and how did he influence CBD Crew?

To be honest, we never thought we would ever meet Howard before we entered on this journey. But we are extremely grateful that we did! He was a very intelligent man, and passionate about the cause of making cannabis legal for everybody to use, medical or not. The fact that people are still being arrested daily all over the world for cannabis, is something we really need to think and talk about a lot more. It’s injustice. What he did for us I think is supporting us with the guts to say; hey, listen, this can actually help with many things. And we should not feel inferior or scared to say so.

New CBD Crew Strains – Interview with CBD Crew

Question 8: Does CBD Crew have any news strains out soon?

Since we just released 3 new regular seeds, CBD Divine , CBD 3 Districts and CBD PureHazeling and a feminized CBD OG Kush + the low THC strain CBD Therapy, we are now having a little break. 
But we are stabilizing CBD Therapy for release again over new year and making seeds for other seedbanks.
 But before you know it we will have something new up our sleeve 😉

Question 9 : What does the future hold for CBD Crew?

That is for the future to know and us to find out!
But we hope for great things 🙂  Maybe some more awards for our genetics as we have some great growers out there growing and entering to cups. You will have to drop by our websites and stay updated!

Question 10: As Medical Marijuana becomes more mainstream why should people buy seeds from CBD Crew?

Because we have what we say we have and we can help you with guiding you to the best way of medicating for your condition 🙂

With love
Line & Elisabeth
CBD Crew

We hope you enjoyed our Interview with CBD Crew and we would like to personally thank CBD Crew and Line and Elisabeth for this. Also thankyou CBD Crew for some awesome CBD genetics and for prompting CBD as a medicine, great work.

View the full CBD Crew range here

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Super CBDx – What is it?

Super CBDx High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Super CBDx Cannabis Seeds now available at 420 Cannabis Seeds

Super CBDx is the latest Seedbank to be added to 420 Cannabis Seeds. We thought we would do a bit digging around and see what all the fuss is about. Super CBDx have released 30 new high CBD strains that sound mouthwatering delicious. All strains are well known genetics crossed with the aptly named “Super CBDx”. Calling their Seed Bank Super CBDx leads to no confusion as to what these guys are about.

Super CBDx came about due to one man named PJ and his fight against Cancer. Although he didn’t cure his Cancer using CBD, the prospect of his own mortality spurred him on to look further into CBD and it’s Medicinal benefits. Read PJ’s full story here.

After 4 to 5 years of laboratory testing and painless work Super CBDx is ready for the market and hopefully it will help many people suffering many illnesses and Medical conditions. CBD is a compound found in Cannabis that is non psychoactive and does not get you stoned. It is however a great pain reliever, an awesome anxiety and depression drug amongst many more. Read Super CBDx’ “What is Cannabidiol (CBD)” to learn more on CBD.

What is Super CBDx ?

  • Cannabis Strain High in CBD and very low in THC – Produces 200% more CBD than any other CBD plant.
  • No Psycho-activness and that’s a guarantee.
  • All plants are genetic duplicates – 17%+ CBD
  • CBD:THC ratio 24-26:1
  • Faster harvest times due to CBD production – Crop after second set of hairs turn brown

  • At this present moment 420 Cannabis Seeds have not tried SuperCBDx strains, however we are hearing good things about them and we love the idea of high CBD products with very low THC levels. Super CBDx would make an ideal medicine for the elderly or Children who do not want the high of traditional weed. This could mark the start of a CBD revolution and government’s actually standing up and taking action. The war on drugs may not be over but CBD can definitely cure and heal the people of our nation.

    If you do try and SuperCBDx Cannabis Seeds please let us know as we love to keep up-to-date with new products and new CBD products are a great interest of ours. Until next time thanks for reading and enjoy your Medication.

    SuperCBDx Seeds are are a great alternative to Charlotte’s Web, the legendary Medical Marijuana

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    Charlottes Web Alternative

    Charlottes Web Alterantive

    Charlottes Web Alternative Cannabis Seeds

    Charlottes Web Alternative is a question that we keep on getting asked, so we thought it was about time we investigated further and came up with a definitive answer.

    I’m guessing most pot smokers or at least most Medical Marijuana users have heard of Charlottes Web. It has been touted around the internet as the “Miracle Weed” for a few years now. In this article 420 Cannabis Seeds will tell the full story of Charlottes Web rise to to fame and offer alternative Cannabis Seeds for Medical patients.

    What is Charlottes Web? Well it is a strain of Medical Marijuana that was used to treat a young child. Her name is Charlotte Figi and she suffers from Dravet Syndrone. Charlotte’s Web greatly reduced her epileptic seizures and restored her quality of life. I can hear you thinking nothing unusual there, Medical Marijuana is these days used by millions to treat and help with many medical conditions. This was different as this was back in 2011 when Marijuana was prohibited just about everywhere. She became known as “The Girl who changed Medical Marijuana laws across America” and she stared on the 2013 CNN documentary “Weed”.

    Since then the World has gone Medical Marijuana crazy and thanks to Charlotte and great media coverage laws have been changed and patients can effectively treat themselves. Medical Marijuana is in most parts of America readily acceptable and certain places it’s legal.

    Charlottes Web What is it?

    Charlotte’s Web was developed by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado 2011. Their aim was to create a strain that had low THC and high CBD levels. To do this they crossed a traditional Marijuana strain with industrial hemp and the outcome was a variety of Cannabis that showed potential for Medical use. Low THC and high CBD takes away all the psychoactiveness from the plant and enables people to medicate without the typical high obtained from recreational Marijuana use. The Stanley Brothers perfected the strain and made a rich CBD oil used to treat all patients in need.

    In fact the Stanley brothers were a non profit organisation for people who could not afford treatment. These days they are in Uruguay performing clinical trials. They plan to import the product into America as industrial Hemp under the names, “The Realm of Caring Foundation”, Stanley Brothers Social Enterprise and CW Botanicals. Good on you Stanley Brothers, Medical Marijuana should be available Worldwide.

    No Seeds or cutting’s of Charlottes Web have ever been released to the general public as far as we can tell. It is a very popular search query on the internet and deserves a lot of recognition. The Stanley brothers stated in September 2014 that all high CBD oils they produce would have no more than 0.3% THC.

    Charlottes Web Alternative Cannabis Seeds

    Charlottes Web can obviously never be truly replicated as all plants will grow slightly different and in a way this is the true beauty of Marijuana. Plants are individual and can’t all be tested to Medical Grade Standards. If you wish to Medicate with a strain like Charlotte’s Web I would highly recommend the below strains. They are all very low in THC and high in CBD. They will cause no psychoactiveness and should provide users with great relief across a wide range of symptoms.

    CBD Crew are definitely a Seed Bank to watch out for. They produce amazing strains with high CBD levels. Please bear in mind though what makes, C.W. a great Medical Strain is the low THC compared to high THC. Most high CBD strains come with equal THC:CBD ratios. C.W. has high CBD but very little THC.

    Our first recommendation would be CBD Crew Therapy. This has ratios of 1:20 THC:CBD. It is one of the World’s first high CBD low THC varieties and is well worth a try. Lab results show the average plant has 0.5% THC and 8-10% CBD. This is a very close replica to Charlotte’s Web however it does not use Hemp as a source. These Seeds are derived from pure grade Marijuana. CBD Crew have spent 4 years perfecting this strain, so expect the ultimate Medicine.

    After that we were really struggling to find Seeds with low THC and high CBD until we came across another Seed Bank called Super CBDx. These are a new Seedbank that we were not stocking until today. They sell 30 different Cannabis Seeds and every single one of them has been crossed with their prized Super CBDx strain. Super CBDx has a 1:26 ratio of THC:CBD and they also claim that this is a World’s first.

    Update as of February 11th 2017: There’s a new player on the market. Medical Marijuana Genetics are a new Seedbank that specialise in high CBD Cannabis Strains. They offer 5 strains at the moment and they are all great Medical Marijuana Strains. In particular we would highly recommend Candida CD1. It is a great alternative to Charlottes Web and has THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. This strain is in very high demand and we believe it will sell out very quickly.

    Charlottes Web High CBD Cannabis Seeds

    Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we like to offer unbiased recommendations and are proud to know our strains. However on this one we will openly admit Charlottes Web is a hard one to match. Previous to research into high CBD strains we would of just went ahead and offered CBD Crew Therapy as an alternative. Now there is new players in the game. Super CBDx or Medical Marijuana Genetics. Both are new Seedbanks that seem to be all about the Medicine. We have never tried any of their strains so can’t comment on their genetics personally. The look definitely well worth a try. Watch this space as-well as Super CBDx and Medical Marijuana Genetics won’t be the last high CBD Seedbanks. This is just the start of a new trend where Medical Marijuana shifts into CBD mode

    Update 26/4/17: Dinafem Seeds have released a new Strain called Dinamed CBD. It has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:25. THC will never exceed 0.5% and CBD can get as high as 14%. Check out Dinamed CBD. It is a Strain we would offer as an alternative to Charlottes Web.

    Update 6/4/18: Dinafem Seeds have released an Autoflowering high CBD Strain. Read all about Dinamed CBD Auto here.

    We hope we have kind of answered you question but if you know more or would like to comment on any individual strain please let us know. The more we learn about strains and in this case high CBD strains the better we become. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the medicine you are looking for.

    View all our high CBD strains now

    What is CBD?

    Pictures from