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Popular Cannabis Seeds

Popular Cannabis Seeds

Popular Cannabis Seeds from October 2016 Popular Cannabis Seeds that sold well in October 2016. The list is getting longer and we are selling a wider range of Cannabis Seeds. Last month, October 2017 saw the release of 3 new Seedbanks at 420. Super CBDx, Exotic Seeds and BC Bud Depot. In fact BC Bud […]

Cannabis Marijuana

Cannabis Marijuana

Cannabis Marijuana What’s it’s real name? Cannabis Marijuana why some call it Cannabis and others call it Marijuana. Which is the correct name and why? Cannabis Marijuana is there a difference or are they both the same thing? They are both exactly the same thing and Cannabis is in fact the correct term to describe […]

GW Pharmaceuticals and 420

GW Pharmaceuticals

GW Pharmaceuticals and 420 Cannabis GW Pharmaceuticals are the governments answer to Medical Marijuana. For a long time now laws in the UK regarding Cannabis have needed to be changed. People who suffer from many Medical aliments use Cannabis as a treatment and aid in everyday life. However Cannabis is still illegal in the UK […]

20 Creative Cannabis Strains

20 Creative Cannabis Strains

20 Creative Cannabis Strains from 420 Cannabis Seeds 20 Creative Cannabis Strains is a list we have put together to help you choose a suitable strain for when you want to be creative and get the job done. As the World progresses with Cannabis the choices out there will increase dramatically and the market will […]

Theresa Mays view on Cannabis

Theresa Mays view on Cannabis

Theresa Mays view on Cannabis in the UK Theresa Mays view on Cannabis is what most stoners would like to know. When it comes to our Government in the UK we get a pretty raw deal on Cannabis legalisation and the use of Cannabis as a Medicine. Whilst the rest of the World move forward […]

Super CBDx – What is it?

Super CBDx High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Super CBDx Cannabis Seeds now available at 420 Cannabis Seeds Super CBDx is the latest Seedbank to be added to 420 Cannabis Seeds. We thought we would do a bit digging around and see what all the fuss is about. Super CBDx have released 30 new high CBD strains that sound mouthwatering delicious. All strains […]

Most Popular Cannabis Seeds September 2016

Most popular Cannabis Seeds September 2016

Most Popular Cannabis Seeds from September 2016 Most Popular Cannabis Seeds from September 2016 include 3 Feminised and 2 Regular Cannabis Seeds. 420 Cannabis Seeds UK loves to let people know what’s a good choice when it comes to Cannabis Seeds. This month has been another busy month here at 420 Headquarters and we would […]

Charlottes Web Alternative

Charlottes Web Alterantive

Charlottes Web Alternative Cannabis Seeds Charlottes Web Alternative is a question that we keep on getting asked, so we thought it was about time we investigated further and came up with a definitive answer. I’m guessing most pot smokers or at least most Medical Marijuana users have heard of Charlottes Web. It has been touted […]

Blue Cannabis – Blue Cannabis Strains

Blue Cannabis - Blue Weed

Blue Cannabis – There’s some pretty funky Blue Strains out there Blue Cannabis is a common occurrence. What makes Cannabis turn Blue is a frequently asked question. Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we wanted to clear up a few things regarding Blue Cannabis and what it actually is? All Cannabis smokers have smoked or come […]