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Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew

Interview with CBD Crew – 420 Cannabis Seeds love CBD Crew so we thought we would do a quick interview with them to see what is happening in their World. CBD Crew were the first Seedbank to release high CBD genetics to the World and to this day they are at the forefront of CBD and Medical Marijuana. Read our full Interview with CBD Crew below:

Question 1: Hi Elisabeth and Line great to be talking with you and thankyou for this Interview with CBD Crew much appreciated. Can you give me a brief history of CBD Crew and who is involved with your great genetics?

Hi Emma. Yes, we can. CBD Crew was created after we saw the amazing healing benefits of  CBD:THC in medical patients. CBD suddenly got a lot of attention and soon people started demanding 1:1 strains, but there was no stable  genetics on the marked. With stable genetics we mean that every single seed would contain 4% or higher CBD. Unless you had a laboratory near you, you had no real way of telling  if you had a pure THC pheno or a high CBD pheno with the existing seeds on the marked. ( Remember to always ask producer for stability if they promote their seeds as CBD:THC seeds. ) And especially for medical patients that were children, this was a thing the parents would like to know before starting a grow for treatment.  So Resin Seeds hooked up with Shantibaba & Mr.Nice seeds to start creating the worlds first stable CBD:THC seed collection. It took 3 years, but then we had finally done it. We now had all cannabis, no hemp, CBD-enriched seed collection and
CBD Crew was then introduced to the people 🙂

Interview with CBD Crew – CBD as a medicine

Question 2: Why use CBD as a medicine? What are the benefits?

CBD should be used as medicine due to the fact that it’s a safer option for many people. And it’s easy to grow and make yourself, as we know very well that many people that are ill also suffer great economic loss due to medications and treatments. Being able to grow your own herbal remedies should be a human right.

But we at CBD Crew don’t really advice people to only use one single cannabinoid at the time as a treatment, we believe in whole plant treatments for most illnesses. And we think it’s very important to inform people that try single extracts from industrial hemp, that if it does not work for you, that does not mean that cannabis whole plant extracts wont work for you. But due to legality, we understand that people want to try them first and some find the help they need. So much more science needs to be done on these issues. But for serious illness, we always recommend whole plant extracts. 

We get a lot positive of feedback from people dealing with inflammation issues, fibromyalgia, MS, arthritis and such. This with small amounts of cannabis,  without having to be “stoned” as many don’t want that side effect.

What medical conditions can CBD help with?

Also we have a lot of people with issues like anxiety, depression, bipolar that also notice a very different reaction to CBD/THC-riched cannabis, than “normal” THC-rich cannabis.
As for epilepsy, CBD-enriched cannabis is by far the safer option for treatment  for so many. It’s disturbing that we still deny these people cannabis as an option.  We also see a rising use of CBD-enriched cannabis in treatment of autistic children now.
And of course, cancer. But with cancer, THC and CBD need to work together and an holistic approach all together.
You can read some of the testimonials we have gotten on our web page

Question 3: What makes your seeds different from other high CBD strains?

First that they will all contain high CBD and THC.

Second that we have been lucky enough to get to use some of the worlds finest genetics to cross and make CBD-enriched varieties from.

Third, we have a range from Indica to Sativa, feminized , regular and and auto, so that every grower or patient should find something they prefer.

We do also produce CBD-enriched seeds for many other big seed banks, so if you see our name on other companies seeds, you know you will have stable good genetics there as well.

Question 4: What is your most popular strain and why do you think its so popular?

Overall it’s been CBD Critical Mass, probably due to the fact that Critical Mass for Mr.Nice (one of the parents) is a very popular plant world wide. A great yielder,  and not to difficult to grow both indoor and outdoor.

CBD Crew Therapy – low THC high CBD.

But this year it’s definitely been our low THC, high CBD strain CBD Therapy that has sold the best after we released it. There is obviously a huge need for low THC high CBD cannabis strains. We are stabilizing it another round and making more seeds now as we are all sold out!

Question 5: Which strain would you personally recommend and why?

Liz: I love indica strains, so I like a lot CBD Nordle. I’m not a medical patients, but I prefer to smoke CBD:THC if I can. Just more relaxing for me and I can be active all day, but still calm and without anxiety. And it’s easy to grow!

Line : I usually prefer sativa strains, but when it comes to CBD Rich strains i like them all, indica or sativa. I find it a bit hard to choose ONE, but CBD skunk Haze has a nice Balance of both indica and sativa and  often showing a bit higher percentage in CBD and THC, which gives a great high, It  is also great to make hash or oil With if you prefer that. But naturally has a longer flowering time due to its Sativa influences, still yielding good from its indica side. so worth waiting for. 😉

CBD Crew Growing tips

Question 6: Any tips on growing CBD Crew Seeds? Would you recommend any particular growing method/ medium?

After also working a long time in a grow shop, we know that there are many ways to Rome when it comes to growing.
But for a beginner we always recommend to not start to advanced, the basics.  Then if you feel the passion of growing you can start experimenting and buying expensive equipment.
As many people that contact us are  interested in making medicine, we of course advise to grow as organic as possible and flush well. You want a clean end-product. So don’t take the organic clean cannabis and use unclean solvents to make oils and such. Keep it clean!

Interview with CBD Crew
CBD Crew with Mr Nice

Question 7 : RIP Mr Nice one of the most respected men in the Cannabis industry. What was it like to work with the legend of Cannabis and how did he influence CBD Crew?

To be honest, we never thought we would ever meet Howard before we entered on this journey. But we are extremely grateful that we did! He was a very intelligent man, and passionate about the cause of making cannabis legal for everybody to use, medical or not. The fact that people are still being arrested daily all over the world for cannabis, is something we really need to think and talk about a lot more. It’s injustice. What he did for us I think is supporting us with the guts to say; hey, listen, this can actually help with many things. And we should not feel inferior or scared to say so.

New CBD Crew Strains – Interview with CBD Crew

Question 8: Does CBD Crew have any news strains out soon?

Since we just released 3 new regular seeds, CBD Divine , CBD 3 Districts and CBD PureHazeling and a feminized CBD OG Kush + the low THC strain CBD Therapy, we are now having a little break. 
But we are stabilizing CBD Therapy for release again over new year and making seeds for other seedbanks.
 But before you know it we will have something new up our sleeve 😉

Question 9 : What does the future hold for CBD Crew?

That is for the future to know and us to find out!
But we hope for great things 🙂  Maybe some more awards for our genetics as we have some great growers out there growing and entering to cups. You will have to drop by our websites and stay updated!

Question 10: As Medical Marijuana becomes more mainstream why should people buy seeds from CBD Crew?

Because we have what we say we have and we can help you with guiding you to the best way of medicating for your condition 🙂

With love
Line & Elisabeth
CBD Crew

We hope you enjoyed our Interview with CBD Crew and we would like to personally thank CBD Crew and Line and Elisabeth for this. Also thankyou CBD Crew for some awesome CBD genetics and for prompting CBD as a medicine, great work.

View the full CBD Crew range here

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CBD Crew New Releases for 2016

CBD Crew New Releases for 2016- 8 New CBD rich strains

Get medicated get CBD

CBD Crew are a group of elite breeders that produce top quality Medical Marijuana Seeds that all have excellent Medical values. Expect high CBD with equal THC or all CBD and very little THC.

If you want to learn more about CBD Crew or CBD in general please click here

CBD Crew have released 8 new Cannabis Seeds to add to their already growing collection of CBD strains. These Cannabis Seeds are that new pictures aren’t even available yet!

CBD 3D Regular Seeds – For all types of people ranging from recreational users to cancer patients, it is a truly versatile plant.

CBD Divine Regular Seeds – It is a staple plant for those looking to make good extractions for pain management and insomnia.

CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds– New CBD rich strain coming soon.

CBD Med GOM Auto – THC and CBD ratio would be between 1:1 and 1:2 and depending of the growing conditions the cannabinoid contents may reach 10% of THC and 15% of CBD.

CBD Mix Indica Feminised Seeds – These indica strains have a great calming effect, good for relaxing and handling spasms and chronic pain.

CBD OG Kush Feminised Seeds – A popular strain throughout the world for its strong effects as a THC plant but it changes dramatically as a CBD enriched version.

CBD PH Regular Seeds – CBD Pure Hazeling aka CBD PH is our strongest regular haze strain. For those who enjoy having a medicinal stash made for a connoisseur, this is the girl!

CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds – CBD Crew announce a world first with the release of this long awaited low THC and high CBD cannabis strain in a stable seed form.

CBD Chronic Feminised Seeds

CBD Chronic Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Chronic Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Chronic from Serious Seeds is a cross of Serious Seeds Chronic a massive yielding Strain and Remedy. Remedy is a very high CBD Strain developed by CBD Crew. It has a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD and can be use to treat a vast range of Medical conditions.

CBD Chronic is ideal Cannabis to treat MS, Epilepsy, Arthritis plus many more. It is also an ideal Strain to make Cannabis Oil and extracts with great Medical benefits.

Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 5.4%
CBD Content: 5.8%
Yield: 350 – 600 gr/m2
Flowering Time: 56 – 63 days

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CBD – What is it?

CBD – What is CBD and what does it do?

CBD or to give it it’s proper name, Cannabidiol is one of around 113 active cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Plant. Most people have heard of THC. Which is the part of Cannabis that gets you “High”. Cannabidiol doesn’t get you high and is gaining a lot of attention recently for it’s Medical benefits.

Cannabidiol is such a great medicine as it doesn’t have any side effects. Traditional Cannabis with high THC levels can be associated with stoners, hippies and generally people who rebuff society to sit around and get high. They are classed as lazy and drug takers by many. (not me of course as I’m a productive stoner :)) C.B.D provides Medical benefits without the high feeling and is considered by many as Medicine. As more and more studies look into CBD the Medical Benefits are stacking up. A non psychoactive Medicine that is used Worldwide to treat and relieve almost any Medical problems. In fact C.B.D has been classified by the UK Government as having Medical Properties. Read all about C-B-D and the UK Government.

CBD Great Medical Marijuana
CBD – How it effects humans

CBD acts upon the Endocannabinoid system found with the human body. What is the Endocannabinoid system? Well in short it is a system that helps maintain/ regulate the body and basically keeps everything running in tip top shape. All humans have one and it consists of Cannabinoid receptors found in the brain, and nervous system. Not many people know that we already have little Cannabis molecules circulating around the body that bind to receptors and release signals to the body. These signals include appetite, mood, memory and pain.

CBD and the Endocannabinoid System

CB1 and CB2 receptors primarily make up the Endocannabinoid system. CB1 receptors are found primarily in the brain and nervous system whilst CB2 receptors are found in the immune system. They are basically tiny little receptors that work off a lock and key system. When the key fits they release signals and alter the way the body functions. Consuming Cannabis tops up the body’s natural Cannabinoids and interacts with the bodies CB1 and CB2 receptors.

THC fits perfectly into the receptors and causes different effects. When THC binds to a CB1 receptor the user will experience psychoactive effects and the typical high feeing associated with Cannabis. This can lead to significant relief from pain, nausea, or depression while delivering a strong euphoria high.

When THC binds to the CB2 receptors it acts upon the gastrointestinal system and can provide great relief from inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s and IBS.

CBD however does not bind to the CB1 or CB2 receptors as it is not a perfect fit. CBD is a bit more complex and works different to THC. It works in many different ways by binding and suppressing different receptors. Firstly it stops the psycho-activness of THC by suppressing FAAH. FAAH is a fatty acid that breaks down anandamide. As CBD reduces FAAH there will be more Anandamide present. This binds to receptors and really loves the CB1 receptor. It actually stops or inhibits THC from binding properly hence the psycho-activness is removed.

CBD binds perfectly to the TRPV1 receptor or the The Vanilloid Receptor as it is commonly called. This receptor is a Cannabinoid receptor that when activated relieves pain and has antiseptic and analgesic properties. No wonder Medical Marijuana is a great pain reliever.

CBD is great to treat depression

CBD also activates the 5-HT1A receptor which is responsible for the serotonin levels in your body. Serotonin is basically the feel good factor, it is the bodies natural way to elevate depression and is responsible for mood. When CBD is consumed the 5-HT1A receptor gets a boost and in turn releases more of the feel good endorphin Serotonin. This is the reason Cannabidiol can relive depression and generally give you a boost.

CBD is commonly known as an anti anxiety solution. This is because once again the clever little Cannabinoid receptors are at work. In this case anxiety is stopped or greatly reduced due to the adenosine receptor A2A. CBD binds perfectly to this receptor and activates its many functions. Including anti inflammatory effects that regulate the heart and oxygen levels and blood flow.

CBD also greatly helps in the treatment of Cancer cells and Alzheimer’s. This is due to the PPAR receptors. These are located on the surface of cell nuclei and when activated regress tumours and degrade unwanted activity in the cells.

CBD reduces THC’s psycho-activity

In conclusion CBD does not bind to the CB1 or CB2 receptors in the human Endocannabinoid system. It alters other chemicals that then bind onto these receptors. Causing a reduce in psycho-activity. Combating the high effect of THC.

CBD CB1 CB2 Receptors
Endocannabinoid System

CBD does bind to the following Endocannabinoid Receptors

  • TRPV1 receptor reducing pain and inflammation.
  • TRPV1 receptor and greatly reduces pain.
  • 5-HT1A receptor relieving depression and greatly boosting your mood.
  • A2A receptor which relieves anxiety.
  • PPAR receptor which can help treat Cancer and Alzheimers.

Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we have a great interest in Cannabidiol. We know of many people who effectively use it to treat many different Medical illnesses including Arthritis, depression and anxiety. If you choose to use high CBD Cannabis this is your own choice. We do not condone growing Cannabis in any way. You may need to check your own countries laws regarding C-B-D as a medicine. Also please note we are in no way doctors or scientists so what we have wrote about CBD is purely our opinion and what we have researched and heard about.

CBD Cannabis Strains are definitely on the up. Charlotte’s Web is a prime example. Cannabidiol can be use to treat childhood epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, ADHD, Chron’s, MS. To be honest the list could go on for ever. As more and more research is being done Worldwide CBD is becoming more and more accepted as a medicine. We would highly recommend CBD-Crew, Medical Marijuana Genetics Seedbank and Super CBDx as great Seedbanks to get Medical Marijuana Cannabis Seeds from. In particular we would CBD-Therapy and Medical Marijuana Genetics Candida CD-1. However do your research and find the perfect strain. Everyone is different and may react differently to C.B.D as a medicine.

View all our High CBD-Strains

CBD Auto White Widow Seeds

CBD Auto White Widow

CBD Auto White Widow Cannabis Seeds

CBD Auto White Widow is one of six new Seeds released by Dutch Passion. This one is a break from the norm, Dutch Passion haven’t went all out to add some new genetics or funky twists on American Genetics. This is a great old school classic with added CBD. Great choice for all Medical Marijuana users who like to know exactly what they are getting.

CBD Auto White Widow is a cross of Dutch Passion White Widow with Sweet and Sour Widow from CBD Crew. THC:CBD ratio is 1:1 at around 10% each. Being a balanced strain CBD Auto White Widow will provide a very calming relaxing feeling with no psychosis or speedy, high like effects. This one will keep the head clear and not fuzzy whilst still providing great relief to the body. Very relaxing and a great pain reliever. Ideal for a good night’s sleep or to relax aching muscles.

White Widow is probably the most popular strain of Cannabis ever created and it appears over the years in a lot of crosses. It has genetics of Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. A very recognisable strain that seems to come in and out of fashion. Dutch Passion have hit the nail on the head with this one. It still retains the never forgotten White Widow characteristics but now its got High CBD and is Autoflowering. Great new Strain Dutch Passion a lot of Medical Marijuana users will be very happy.

Genetics: Dutch Passion White Widow x CBD Sweet n Sour Widow
THC:CBD: 1:1 10%:10%
Flowering time 10 – 11 weeks
Sex: Auto Feminised

View all our High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Also why not check out all our White Strains

New Dutch Passion Seed Packaging

Exodus Cheese Auto High CBD

Exodus Cheese Auto High CBD

Exodus Cheese Auto High CBD

Exodus Cheese Auto High CBD is one of Greenhouse Seeds new releases for 2016. They have released 5 new high CBD strains that are all remakes of trusted and classic strains. High CBD strains are becoming more popular with both medical and recreational users worldwide.

Exodus Cheese Auto High CBD is a awesome cross of the World famous Exodus Cheese and a Ruderalis. This turbo powered Auto not only produces some of the dankest Cheese weed ever it also comes with a high CBD content that makes the end product highly medicinal and non-psychoactive.

This Cheese Auto is made from the Exodus Cheese cut an extraordinary strain that is British born and breed. The Exodus crew are responsible for this one.

I would expect small plants that don’t even reach a metre in height. Plenty of side branching so plenty of bud off these lovely ladies.

Dank sweet Cheese with medical values what more could you want?

Equal ratio of THC: CBD
5- 8 % THC
5- 8 % CBD

Yield Indoors: 500gm2
Yield Outdoors: 80- 90 grams per plant
Plant Height: 80- 90 cm
Flowering time: 9- 10 weeks

CBD Therapy Feminised Seeds

CBD Therapy Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Crew announce a world first with the release of this long awaited low THC and high CBD cannabis strain in a stable seed form. While there are rumours of seed varieties originating from hemp strains the THERAPY is solely derived from drug variety high THC cannabis strains and has taken some 4 years to stabilize and find with the use of scientific analysis. Fully lab tested in both the USA (The Wercshop) and Europe (Canna Fundacion) the CBD Therapy will be revolutionary in treating patients who do not wish to have high THC such as those suffering with Dravets syndrome or epilepsy or those who are susceptible to the psychotic effects of high levels of THC in cannabis. While it will not be a cure for cancer on its own it provides a seed strain that can be controlled in medical grow rooms and furthermore in medical extraction processing to create a suitable medicine for many types of illnesses and conditions. CBD Therapy is a masterpiece of scientific breeding that allows patients to take back control of their lives, supplement a patient’s need for cannabinoids and generally improve the welfare and quality of life for those seeking to use it.

Genetics Various drug variety cultivars
Variety Indica / Sativa
THC Content 0.5%
CBD Content 8 – 10%
Yield 500 gr/m2
Grows indoors
Flowering Time 8 – 9 weeks
Medicinal Properties Suitable for a wide range of ailments, the THC:CBD ratio is 1:20.
Taste / Flavour Earthy, Fruity
Effect Body, Calming, Relaxing, Soothing

CBD Mix Indica Feminised

CBD Mix Indica Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Crew Mix Indica Feminised Seeds

CBD Mix Indica is a mixed pack of 5 Indica dominant Cannabis Seeds. High CBD content guaranteed with an equal 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD.

All plants have a flowering time of 8- 10 weeks to ensure you get your Medical Marijuana as quick as possible. All plants are short in height with large yield in excess of 500 gm2. Excellent flavours and tastes with great possibility to create extracts including oils and ointments.

CBD is an ideal treatment for many Medical conditions including Arthritis, Epilepsy, Inflammation, Muscle Spasm, Pain, PTSD and many more (the list is endless). CBD is a non psycho active component of Cannabis that is greatly used for anti inflammatory and Medical needs

Try CBD Mix Indica today and you may find your ultimate medicine. Medical Marijuana at its best

THC Content: 5% – 12%
CBD Content: 5% – 12%

Yield: 500+ gm2

8- 10 weeks

CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Seeds

CBD Girl Scout Cookies

CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminised Cannabis Seeds

CBD Girl Scout Cookies is the latest release from CBD Crew. Girls Scout Cookies is a high demand strain so if you see these seeds in stock it would be advisable to purchase then very quickly. Ultimate Medical Marijuana Seeds with top quality genetics.

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominant cross of OG Kush and Durban Poison. CBD Crew have infused high levels of CBD that make this strain a medical wonder. CBD:THC levels as high as 12:12 %. CBD (cannabidiol) is a recognised component of Cannabis that treats a wide range of Medical conditions including epilepsy, cancer, ADHD and many many more. (to may to list).

Whether your a Medical Marijuana smoker or a recreational smoker this strain has properties that will definitely interest you. High CBD levels make this strain non psychoactive, meaning it combats the THC and products a mellow relaxing high that does not get you high. Ideal for chilling out, medicating and everyday use.

CBD Girl Scout Cookies is a fast flowering strain that produces compact dense buds with a cherry, sour taste and smell. Resin production is also excellent so consider making oils or Medical extracts to consume this wonderful plant.

Genetics: OG Kush x Durban Poison
Mostly Indica 80/20
Sex: Feminised
Yield: 400- 500 gm2
THC Content Range: 8.0% – 12.0%
CBD Content Range: 6.0% – 12.32%