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Kush Strains – We stock over 130 Kush Cannabis Seeds

Kush Strains- What does the term Kush mean?

CN¥ 170.41
CN¥ 592.64

Rare Dankness Seeds

501st. OG Regular Seeds

CN¥ 549.85
CN¥ 180.56CN¥ 403.39
CN¥ 183.28CN¥ 504.67
CN¥ 242.96CN¥ 625.72
CN¥ 254.04CN¥ 762.12
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Tropical Seeds

Afrokush Feminised Seeds

CN¥ 266.49
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Alphakronik Genes

American Kush Regular Seeds

CN¥ 286.43CN¥ 429.65
CN¥ 202.46CN¥ 509.95
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CN¥ 200.84CN¥ 395.04