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Super CBDX – High CBD Cannabis Seeds

What is Super CBDX ?

Super CBDX is a new Seedbank stocking 30 different high CBD Cannabis Seeds. Not only are the high CBD they are also low THC. This means they are great for people seeking Medical Marijuana at it’s finest. Super-CBDX have filled a perfect gap in the market, their high CBD strains have 200% more CBD than most available high CBD Cannabis Seeds.

CBD:THC Ratio…….24-26:1. Yes that’s correct Super CBDX Cannabis Seeds have over 24% more CBD than THC. Amazing Medical Marijuana. Watch out for these guys they are taking CBD to the next level.

SuperCBDX Seedbank was founded in 2015 and PJ the Discoverer of SuperCBDx is very proud to offer high grade Medical Marijuana Seeds to the public. 420 Cannabis Seeds stock all 30 of these Magical Feminised Cannabis Seeds and they come in packs of 1,3,5 and 10.

As PJ from SuperCBDX says “He who saves a life, saves the world”.