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Resin Seeds
Resin Seed Bank was founded in 2008 by Jaime. Resin Seeds pride themselves on producing 100% biological Cannabis Seeds for the perfect medical bud. All Resin Seeds Cannabis Seeds are enriched in CBD. An equal THC to CBD ratio in plants provide the ultimate medicine.
Jaime comes from a background of grow shops and seminar speaking on growing Cannabis. With such a passion for growing Cannabis Seeds it is no wonder he used his extensive knowledge to open a Seed Bank. Bringing together top quality Cannabis Seeds that are ideal for medical patients is the main aim of Resin Seed Bank. With only a hand full of strains released from Resin Seeds it is easy to see how much work has gone into each and every strain.
Jaime from Resin-Seeds has very strong contacts with the Mr Nice Seed Bank and the CBD Crew. In fact the legendary Resin Seeds Cannatonic is the reason CBD Crew formed. They were so impressed whilst smoking the legendary Cannatonic as it relieved all their pain they decided the high CBD content was an excellent name hence CBD Crew.
Resin Seed Bank are big fans of CBD as a medicine and the relief it can give Medical Marijuana patients. They have a scientific laboratory based in Spain that analyse and develop CBD (Cannabinoid) rich strains. Cannatonic has one of the highest CBD contents in the world.