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Grand Daddy Purple

Ken Estes the modern day medicine man! Ken Estes is an entrepreneur and philanthropist who founded K.W. Estes Mediceuticals and Grand Daddy Purple Collective, Inc in 2003. Providing not just California where he is based but the rest of the world with top grade Medical Marijuana Seeds.

Ken Estes’s story begins with a young man getting on in life and looking forward to a bright future in college with scholarships in hand. Life couldn’t get any better or so Ken thought. In 1976 this all changed Ken was involved in a horrific motorcycle accident. It left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. In that instant, Ken’s life changed and would never be the same again.

After spending months in medical care and being left to waste on pharmaceutical drugs Ken almost gave up the fight until life changed again dramatically for the better. A group of Vietnam vets shared their Medical Marijuana with Ken Estes and immediately Ken felt a lot better, his appetite had returned and not long after that he started eating real food once again. Ken said, “It was amazing because my new found strength allowed me the ability to focus on my situation and channel all my energies, uninterrupted on healing my mind, body, and soul!”

Whilst using Medical Marijuana to aid his recovery Ken witnessed many life changing moments of clarity. He embarked on the fight for legalization of Medical Marijuana and eventually becoming so involved developed his own Medical Marijuana Seeds and opened numerous Medical Marijuana clinics under the new ‘Obama’ regime