Emerald Triangle Seeds

Emerald Triangle Cannabis Seeds

Emerald Triangle have some great Cannabis Seeds and they have came about from Great knowledge. They have been breeding now for over 20 years and collect their genetics Worldwide. Named Emerald Triangle after the Cannabis growing region in Northern California. The Emerald-Triangle is the optimal place to grow Cannabis in the World. Now that’s saying something…let’s all move there.

Emerald Triangle Seedbank has a vision and that vision is “to carry the torch for our generation, to improve and preserve the quality of genetics, so that in the future people will have the same chance to access the healing and medicinal properties that this amazing plant has to offer”. Pretty hard core stuff and I firmly believe they are correct.

All of their Cannabis Seeds are genetically stable and also tried and tested by growers and breeders. They produce all of their Seeds using Organic methods and pride themselves on their ability to produce unique genetics from Worldwide sources.

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