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Dutch Passion Cannabis Seeds

Dutch Passion the Seed Bank was established in Amserdam in 1987. Their history can be traced all the way back to 1972. The founder Henk Van Dalen had a Passion for growing his own Cannabis for his own personal needs. It didn’t take long before his Passion moved onto breeding Cannabis Seeds. His reputation grew quickly as he showcased his work. In the early 80’s he was offering Seeds to other growers who couldn’t get enough of his Seeds and Genetics. The Cannabis Henk had was unseen in them times and the Genetics just as much unheard of. All Weed then was being imported in Holland from Asia and Africa. He very quickly became a legend and his Passion turned into Dutch Passion, the awesome Seedbank we know and love today.

Dutch Passion has a long history in the Cannabis Seeds industy and is one of the oldest and most reliable Seedbank going. Why buy Cannabis Seeds from Dutch-Passion?

  • They have over 30 years experience breeding Cannabis
  • There range of Cannabis Seeds are a mix of old school classic geneics and modern innovative hybrids.
  • Feminised Seeds are their bag – they actually invented them in 1990.
  • D.P. never stand still they are always developing new Genetics which include, Feminised, Autoflowering and Medical Marijuana Seeds.
  • There is so much to say about Dutch Passion that pretty much confirms they are on of the top Seed Banks Worldwide. You can read more about Dutch Passion and their great vision here.

    In Dutch Passion we trust

    Dutch Passion never stop they are always developing new strains. D.P. state that their key value is, “to provide the best cannabis seeds for the self sufficient recreational and medical growers.” Also why not check out the New Dutch-Passion Seed Tins.

    We regularly check all prices to be the best priced Seed Bank online. Our range of Dutch-Passion Seeds are unbelievable and we are the cheapest you will find online. We offer a price match guarantee to prove this point. Buy Dutch Passion Seeds today from 420 Cannabis Seeds. We offer Free UK Delivery on all Seeds, we ship Worldwide with Stealth delivery and accept numerous payment methods including credit card, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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