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Dankonomics Genetics Seedbank Description

Dankonomics GeneticsDankonomics Genetics is a Seedbank that has been growing and breeding Cannabis Seeds for over two decades. They started back in the old school days when hash or soap bar was the main available form of Marijuana.

Born out of the era when Cannabis was a risky business and laws weren’t changed/ relaxed in any way. After getting wripped off with dodgy soap bar many times it became Dankonomics mission to grow exactly what they wanted. In a very Stealth manner of course. Over the years this has not changed, breeders at Danko research and breed what ever takes their fancy.

Using elite clones and hybrids Danko grows thousands of Seeds a year looking for that one special gem. Their Dawg range has been years in the making and still Danko research strains and use laboratories to perfect their strains.

Dankonomics Genetics produce 100% Organic Cannabis Seeds

All Cannabis Seeds from Dankonomics Genetics are 100% organic. All Seeds are created in living organic recycled soil. No chemicals are used for production of Seeds.

The Goji Dawg is a highly recommended strain that has over 28% THC and is highly recommended for anxiety, stress and pain relief.