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Brothers Grimm Seeds

Brothers Grimm Cannabis Seeds are some of the finest Seeds in the whole World. They have a long and successful history in the Cannabis industry and have put alot of work into producing some pretty awesome genetics. They only supply Regular Cannabis Seeds as they believe all Feminised Seeds have the chance to be hermaphrodites. Also they state “competent growers can tell the sex of their seedlings before they are flowered anyway!”. I like the sound of Brothers Grimm they seem to be on top of their game and all of their genetics are unique and very stable.

Update: June 2016Brothers Grimm have gone back on their word and now sell 2 Feminised Seeds. Read all about Brothers Grimm Feminised Seeds

Brothers Grimm founded in 1996 and sold their Seeds through a seed reseller called Heaven’s Stairway. Mr Soul and Sly built up an excellent reputation for top quality stable genetics in a time when crap Feminised Seeds were being sold by the tonnes. They stuck to their game plan and soon had a cult following. In 2002 the company vanished and left breeders and growers heartbroken.

Finally in 2015 Brother’s Grimm was resurrected, this time by Mr Sly and Duke Diamond in Colorado. Where they continue their quest to provide the very best Cannabis Seeds. After 10 years on the side lines Brothers-Grimm is back and they are better than ever. Their Cannabis Seeds offer:

  • Compact overall plant structure
  • Dense budding
  • Fast-flowering
  • No hermaphroditism
  • High resin production
  • Intense psycho-activity
  • Unique palette of terpenes
  • Optimal yield