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BC Bud Depot Seedbank

BC Bud Depot is a Seedbank that produces and sells Cannabis Seeds from British Columbia. They pride themselves on award winning genetics that they say will perfect the Cannabis gene pool. Their Cannabis Seeds produce some of the strongest smoke with the most unique and flavours and smells.

Originally BC Bud Depot started off as a Provincial Growing Association in the late 1990’s. From there their Cannabis Seeds have gained a loyal following and gained Worldwide recognition for strains such as BC God Bud.

BC Bud Depot has won numerous Cannabis awards including,

  • 2015 Kush Cup BC Blueberry won #1 for the Indica Cup
  • 2015 Bio Cannabis Cup God’s Gift won #1 for the Indica Cup
  • 2014 Cali Cup BC Blueberry won #1 for Concentrate Cup
  • 2013 Uruquay Cannabis Cup Chem Fire won #1 at the International Cup
  • 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup The Purps won #3 in the Sativa Cup

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