New TGA Subcool Genetics Cannabis Seeds

New TGA Subcool Genetics Cannabis Seeds

New TGA Subcool Genetics Seeds are now available at 420 Cannabis Seeds. TGA Subcool Genetics is a Seedbank we greatly admire, they are always fresh and on trend with their Genetics. Also we love the fact they only sell Regular Cannabis Seeds. Their Seeds are ideal for growing real top quality Genetics and breeding with. New TGA Subcool Genetics all look amazing, there is 10 new strains to pick from. Or of course their old Strains are still available. Watch out for Pina Rita and Grape Lime Ricky as they are our top picks. You can click on the pics below to view all the details about the new TGA Seeds.

New TGA Subcool Genetics - Strawberry Daiquiri
Strawberry Daiquiri – JTR x Strawberry Cough

New TGA Seeds - Purple Apollo 13
Purple Apollo 13 – Apollo 13 x Querkle

New TGA Seeds - Purgatory
Purgatory – Hells OG x Querkle

New TGA Subcool Seeds - Pina Rita
Pina Rita – Highland Oaxacan Gold x Space Dude

New TGA Seeds - Jacked Up
Jacked Up – Jack Herer x Timewreck

New TGA Strains - Grape Lime Ricky
Grape Lime Ricky – Purple Urkle x Jack The Ripper

New TGA Seeds - Cosmic Glue
Cosmic Glue – Chem’s Sister X Chocolate Diesel X Romulan X C99

New TGA Seeds - Cherrygasm
Cherrygasm – Cherry Pie OG x Space Dude

New TGA Seeds - Alchemy
Alchemy – Chem Dawg x Querkle

New TGA Seeds - Go Time
Go Time – Norton x JOG Kush

Thanks for reading our blog on New TGA Subcool Genetics. We hope you liked the look of them and hope you feel inspired to grow some TGA Seeds. 420 Cannabis Seeds UK offer free UK Delivery on all Cannabis Seeds. We also offer Worldwide Stealth shipping which is very discreet. Think you can find TGA Subcool Genetics cheaper elsewhere? Think again we offer a price match guarantee making us the cheapest online for TGA Cannabis Seeds. Much peace and love 420.

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