May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds -420 Cannabis Seeds

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds is a list we like to put together every month to show which Cannabis Seeds sell well over the month. The May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds list includes 2 Auto Strains, 1 Feminised Strains and 2 high CBD Feminised Seed. 420 Cannabis Seeds UK had another great month and would like to thank all customers past, present and future for supporting a growing business. Our reviews page is slowly getting more reviews which is awesome, thank you. Hope you are all looking forward to a great summer and already have your Outdoor Seeds planted for a beautiful harvest later in the year.

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May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds - Blue Cheese
Blue Cheese Feminised

First on our list of May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds is Big Buddha Blue Cheese Feminised Seeds. This one is a bit of a surprise entry. We thought Cheese Strains were going out of fashion but apparently not. Big Buddha Blue Cheese is an old school classic that is the back bone of the Cheese plant. Big Buddha is the 1st and original Seed Bank to introduce Cheese to the UK. Original Exodus Genetics make Cheese an amazing plant. Blue Cheese is a cross of Exodus Cheese and Blueberry. It is an Indica dominant plant that reeks of Cheese with a subtle Berry undertone. If you want a true Blue Cheese plant this is the Strain for you.

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds – High CBD Strains

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds - Candida
Candida Feminised

No surprise with this one, Candida is second on our list of Best Selling Cannabis Seeds. This one is a very high CBD low THC Feminised Strain that is a constant on our Best Sellers list. It is an ideal Strain to use as Medical Marijuana. Its high CBD content makes it non-psychoactive and it can treat many Medical conditions. It creates a very mellow relaxed feeling that provides unbelievable pain relief. THC content: 0.5% CBD content: 10-15%.

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds - Dinamed CBD
Dinamed CBD Feminised

Third on our list of May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds is another high CBD Strain from Dinafem Seeds. Dinamed CBD Feminised is a new Strain that is gaining in popularity very quickly. Dinafem Seeds are renowned for great Genetics and great results. This is their first venture into high THC low THC Seeds and it is definitely worth the wait. They do sell other high CBD Strains but with equal ratios of THC:CBD. This one is different it has THC levels of 0.5% and CBD levels as high as 14%. A highly therapeutic Strain that treats and relieves symptoms of most Medical illnesses.

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds – Auto Cannabis Seeds

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds - Jack 47 Auto
Jack 47 Auto

Next up is Jack 47 Auto from Sweet Seeds. Two great parents combine in this potent Auto. Jack Herer and AK47. Sweet Seeds label this one as “probably the most potent Auto available in the market today”. So if your after a strong Auto that is guaranteed high THC look no further. Sweet lemons and a Jack like incense taste combine beautifully in this resinous Strain.

May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds - Auto Sweet Dwarf
Auto Sweet Dwarf

Last, and in fifth position is Auto Sweet Dwarf from Advanced Seeds. We are hearing a lot of good things about this one and everyone seems to love the way it grows. Short, compact and ideal for guerilla growing. A very stealth plant that only takes 8-9 weeks from first planting that little seed. This little Dwarf plant can also tolerate colder conditions making her an ideal Auto for growing in the UK.

We hope you enjoyed our list of May 2017 Best Cannabis Seeds. Hopefully June 2017 will bring you plenty of buds and a great chilled out month. Much peace and love, 420.