Free Cannabis Seeds – from 420 Cannabis Seeds

Free Cannabis Seeds are always a great thing to receive. Lets be honest, we all love something for nothing but is that ever the case? Freebies are never free you are paying for them somewhere along the line. Be it inflated prices or less discounts somehow the price of that smile educing free seed is worked into the price you paid for the Seeds you wanted.

Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we believe in transparency and giving the customer what they want at the best price possible. That is why we are not guaranteeing Freebie Cannabis Seeds with every order.

Instead we are guaranteeing the cheapest Cannabis Seeds in the UK. We are working everyday to make sure our prices are as low as possible and that no other Cannabis Seedbank is cheaper. With free delivery and the lowest prices makes us the most awesome place to buy Cannabis Seeds.

Please note free Seeds will still be sent with most orders as we receive alot of free samples from seedbanks. Which of course we will pass onto our valuable customers.

In December 2020 we gave away 368 free Seeds with orders and on our social media pages. All of these free seeds did not impact the cost of Cannabis Seeds on our website. Were not tight were just after giving the customer a great deal!!

420 Cannabis Seeds also reduce some Cannabis Seeds, which you can check out at 420 Special Offers.

420 Cannabis Seeds will keep you updated via our social media pages and 420 Blog of any updates, special offers and great deals on Cannabis Seeds. Check out our full range of Cannabis Seeds or take a look at our Feminised, Regular or Auto Seeds.

Happy growing fellow weed lovers. Peace x