Feminised Brothers Grimm

Feminised Brothers Grimm Seeds

Feminised Brothers Grimm – New Cannabis Seeds

Feminised Brothers Grimm Cannabis Seeds are now available at 420 Cannabis Seeds. Yes you did read that correct Brothers Grimm have released 2 new Feminised Cannabis Strains. I never thought I would see the day when Brothers Grimm decided to release Feminised Seeds. There policies over the past 20 years lead you to believe they will never touch Feminised Seeds, They actually state:

“Competent growers can tell the sex of their seedlings before they are flowered anyway!”. So this is a big turn around for them. We are wondering why delve into the Feminised world of Seeds now? We have actually emailed Mr Soul co founder of Brothers Grimm to see what there response is. As yet we have no reply but we will be sure to update this post as and when we hear more. On their website brothersgrimm.com they state:

“Brothers Grimm have traditionally refused to offer feminized seeds because we didn’t believe it was necessary, and we didn’t want to risk hermaphrodism. However, our research during 2016 lead us to a method which produced our first feminized Seeds The XX is used to indicate the two X-chromosomes.”

Feminised Brothers Grimm Seeds were born. At the moment they have released two Feminised Cannabis Strains. Cinderella XX and Apollo XX. Both look amazing and we strongly believe they will sell really well. Brothers Grimm has an amazing following of loyal customers who love their Genetics and ethos as a Seedbank. Are you up for the Feminised Brothers Grimm challenge? We would love to hear back from you with your thoughts and opinion on this?? Contact us via our contacts page or visit our Facebook or Twitter page.

Feminsed Brothers Grimm – Cinderella XX

Feminised Brothers Grimm - Cinderella XX
Cinderella XX Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Feminised Brothers Grimm – Apollo XX

Feminised Brothers Grimm - Apollo XX
Apollo XX Feminised Cannabis Seeds