Dutch Passion Sale

Dutch Passion Sale now on

Dutch Passion Sale

Dutch Passion Sale is now on at 420 Cannabis Seeds. For a limited time only we are offering 30% off 3 Dutch Passion Auto Strains. Grab them while you can as this offer may end at anytime!!

Sale now expired.

Dutch Passion Sale - Auto Ultimate
Auto Ultimate 30% Off

Auto Ultimate is an outstanding Autoflowering Cannabis Strain that is highly potent and yields are great. She is a short squat plant that does not exceed 1 metre tall. Buds form very quickly and are very resinous with a sticky almost glue like feel. The high is long lasting and relaxing, very much a body high. Very fruity Strain that is sweet and fruity when smoked. Highly resistant to mould making Auto Ultimate ideal for Indoor or Outdoor growing. Flowering time: 10 weeks.

Dutch Passion Sale - Auto Cinderella Jack
Auto Cinderella Jack 30% Off

Auto Cinderella Jack is by far one of the most potent Autos ever created. It has THC levels well above 20% which is outstanding for an Auto. Her Genetics are World class and have a great pedigree. Cinderella 99 alone is a great plant but adding Jack Herer has really increased the yield and added an unusual fruity kick. An exceptional Strain that yields massive and is ready in as little as 10-11 weeks.

Dutch Passion Sale - Auto Colorado Cookies
Auto Colorado Cookies 30% Off

Auto Colorado Cookies is probably our favourite Dutch Passion Strain. It is an American based Strain that has Genetics of Auto Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. A heavy Indica stone that is deeply relaxing and full of flavour. Dutch Passion label this one as a feel good high. The Indica Genetics really make you feel happy, relaxed and most definitely pain free.

Dutch Passion Sale won’t last long

We have a limited supply of the above 3 Seeds. If your after a short high yielding plant I would try the Auto Ultimate. Auto Cinderella Jack is the most flavoursome and grows taller and leans more towards a Sativa high. For a deeply relaxing couch lock high Auto Colorado Cookies is the best option.

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