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Dinafem Medical Strains

Diafem Medical Strains

Dinafem Medical Strains

Dinafem Medical Strains takes a look at two opposing Strains that Dinafem Seeds have recently released. One is high in THC and the other is high in CBD. Both act as great Medical Strains and can be used to control many Medical aliments or at least the side effects of treatment. Firstly lets take a look at what THC and CBD actually are.

What is THC?

CBD how does it effect the body?

Whilst Dinafem Seeds do sell high CBD Strains most of then have equal THC:CBD ratios. These Strains can be ideal for Medical Marijuana usage. Their two new Strains are at the extreme of the scale and may be worth a look if your after tailoring your Strain for specific Medical use. Below you can read all about Dinafem Medical Strains and also get an insight into what THC and CBD actually do.

Dinafem Medical Strains – High THC

Dinafem Seeds have literally just released this Strain so it may be hard to get a hold of. We currently have stock of it (at time of writing this article) but we can just tell its going to be a great seller. Introducing Remo Chemo a strain developed purely for fighting the horrendous side effects of Chemotherapy. A highly therapeutic Strain that has over 24% THC and very little CBD. It descends from Canada and the Genetics are shit hot. Urban Remo worked alongside the University of British Columbia to develop and test this Strain. Your are guaranteed a top grade Medical Marijuana Strain that relives symptoms such as lack of appetite, nausea and vomiting.

Dinafem Medical Strains - Remo Chemo
remo Chemo

Dinafem Medical Strains – High CBD

Dinamed CBD sees the other end of the Cannabis spectrum. It has very high CBD levels and very little THC. With a THC:CBD ratio of 1:28. This may be the one to pick if you want no psychoactive effects. There is no high when consumed just a feeling of deep relaxation and bliss. Can be use in the treatment of stress, nausea, inflammation, muscle tension, convulsions or even some types of epilepsy, chemotherapy and many more. This one is sometimes labelled as an alternative to the famous Charlotte’s Web story.

Dinafem Medical Strains - Dinamed CBD
Dinamed CBD







Have you seen the new Dinafem Strain? Dinamed CBD Auto.

Thanks for reading our blog on Dinafem Medical Strains. We hope these two Strains may be of use to some people, providing Medical relief and hopefully reliving some of your symptoms. Please let us now if you have tried either of these Strains as we would love your feedback. Much peace and love 420.

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