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Charlottes Web Alternative Cannabis Seeds

Charlottes Web Alternative is a question that we keep on getting asked, so we thought it was about time we investigated further and came up with a definitive answer.

I’m guessing most pot smokers or at least most Medical Marijuana users have heard of Charlottes Web. It has been touted around the internet as the “Miracle Weed” for a few years now. In this article 420 Cannabis Seeds will tell the full story of Charlottes Web rise to to fame and offer alternative Cannabis Seeds for Medical patients.

What is Charlottes Web? Well it is a strain of Medical Marijuana that was used to treat a young child. Her name is Charlotte Figi and she suffers from Dravet Syndrone. Charlotte’s Web greatly reduced her epileptic seizures and restored her quality of life. I can hear you thinking nothing unusual there, Medical Marijuana is these days used by millions to treat and help with many medical conditions. This was different as this was back in 2011 when Marijuana was prohibited just about everywhere. She became known as “The Girl who changed Medical Marijuana laws across America” and she stared on the 2013 CNN documentary “Weed”.

Since then the World has gone Medical Marijuana crazy and thanks to Charlotte and great media coverage laws have been changed and patients can effectively treat themselves. Medical Marijuana is in most parts of America readily acceptable and certain places it’s legal.

Charlottes Web What is it?

Charlotte’s Web was developed by the Stanley Brothers in Colorado 2011. Their aim was to create a strain that had low THC and high CBD levels. To do this they crossed a traditional Marijuana strain with industrial hemp and the outcome was a variety of Cannabis that showed potential for Medical use. Low THC and high CBD takes away all the psychoactiveness from the plant and enables people to medicate without the typical high obtained from recreational Marijuana use. The Stanley Brothers perfected the strain and made a rich CBD oil used to treat all patients in need.

In fact the Stanley brothers were a non profit organisation for people who could not afford treatment. These days they are in Uruguay performing clinical trials. They plan to import the product into America as industrial Hemp under the names, “The Realm of Caring Foundation”, Stanley Brothers Social Enterprise and CW Botanicals. Good on you Stanley Brothers, Medical Marijuana should be available Worldwide.

No Seeds or cutting’s of Charlottes Web have ever been released to the general public as far as we can tell. It is a very popular search query on the internet and deserves a lot of recognition. The Stanley brothers stated in September 2014 that all high CBD oils they produce would have no more than 0.3% THC.

Charlottes Web Alternative Cannabis Seeds

Charlottes Web can obviously never be truly replicated as all plants will grow slightly different and in a way this is the true beauty of Marijuana. Plants are individual and can’t all be tested to Medical Grade Standards. If you wish to Medicate with a strain like Charlotte’s Web I would highly recommend the below strains. They are all very low in THC and high in CBD. They will cause no psychoactiveness and should provide users with great relief across a wide range of symptoms.

CBD Crew are definitely a Seed Bank to watch out for. They produce amazing strains with high CBD levels. Please bear in mind though what makes, C.W. a great Medical Strain is the low THC compared to high THC. Most high CBD strains come with equal THC:CBD ratios. C.W. has high CBD but very little THC.

Our first recommendation would be CBD Crew Therapy. This has ratios of 1:20 THC:CBD. It is one of the World’s first high CBD low THC varieties and is well worth a try. Lab results show the average plant has 0.5% THC and 8-10% CBD. This is a very close replica to Charlotte’s Web however it does not use Hemp as a source. These Seeds are derived from pure grade Marijuana. CBD Crew have spent 4 years perfecting this strain, so expect the ultimate Medicine.

After that we were really struggling to find Seeds with low THC and high CBD until we came across another Seed Bank called Super CBDx. These are a new Seedbank that we were not stocking until today. They sell 30 different Cannabis Seeds and every single one of them has been crossed with their prized Super CBDx strain. Super CBDx has a 1:26 ratio of THC:CBD and they also claim that this is a World’s first.

Update as of February 11th 2017: There’s a new player on the market. Medical Marijuana Genetics are a new Seedbank that specialise in high CBD Cannabis Strains. They offer 5 strains at the moment and they are all great Medical Marijuana Strains. In particular we would highly recommend Candida CD1. It is a great alternative to Charlottes Web and has THC:CBD ratio of 1:20. This strain is in very high demand and we believe it will sell out very quickly.

Charlottes Web High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Here at 420 Cannabis Seeds we like to offer unbiased recommendations and are proud to know our strains. However on this one we will openly admit Charlottes Web is a hard one to match. Previous to research into high CBD strains we would of just went ahead and offered CBD Crew Therapy as an alternative. Now there is new players in the game. Super CBDx or Medical Marijuana Genetics. Both are new Seedbanks that seem to be all about the Medicine. We have never tried any of their strains so can’t comment on their genetics personally. The look definitely well worth a try. Watch this space as-well as Super CBDx and Medical Marijuana Genetics won’t be the last high CBD Seedbanks. This is just the start of a new trend where Medical Marijuana shifts into CBD mode

Update 26/4/17: Dinafem Seeds have released a new Strain called Dinamed CBD. It has a THC:CBD ratio of 1:25. THC will never exceed 0.5% and CBD can get as high as 14%. Check out Dinamed CBD. It is a Strain we would offer as an alternative to Charlottes Web.

Update 6/4/18: Dinafem Seeds have released an Autoflowering high CBD Strain. Read all about Dinamed CBD Auto here.

We hope we have kind of answered you question but if you know more or would like to comment on any individual strain please let us know. The more we learn about strains and in this case high CBD strains the better we become. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the medicine you are looking for.

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