Remo Chemo Feminised Seeds

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Remo Chemo Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Remo Chemo coming soon to 420 Cannabis Seeds

Remo-Chemo is the ultimate Chemo fighting Cannabis. It has been developed by Urban Remo and Dinafem Seeds and is aimed at relieving the horrendous side effects of Chemotherapy. It is quite simply the best Cannabis Strain for Cancer and the effects of Cancer treatment. Sounds very interesting, Cannabis and Cancer is a very talked about subject that deserves more research and more publicity. We hear all about the high CBD Strains that Cancer patients are using to treat medicate with. Now there is a new Strain on the market. Remo Chemo is a very high THC Strain (24%) descending from Canada that is highly therapeutic.

Remo Chemo was a clone only Strain from Canada, developed by Urban Remo by crossing a UBC Clone with a regular Bubba Kush male. Dinafem Seeds are very proud to collaborate with them in bringing unique Canadian Genetics to the World. An Indica dominant Strain that grows like a monster and can reach 2.5 metres tall. Expect an amazing dark green coloured plant that grows massive tennis ball shaped buds that ooze quality and resin. Buds and leaves will turn dark purple almost black towards the end of flowering. The tastes and aromas are very Kush like with and earthy petrol, peppery taste.

Remo Chemo – Best Cannabis for Chemo side effects

Remo Chemo produces a highly potent effect that is deeply relaxing and physically soothing. A highly therapeutic Strain that relieves the side effects of Chemo and increases appetite massively. Say goodbye to nausea and vomiting and hello to relief and a general feeling of well being.

So why is this Strain so special in the fight against Cancer? Urban Remo has a Mother of UBC Chemo. UBC stands for University of British Columbia. UBC Chemo is a Clone only Strain developed by The University of British Columbia for treating the secondary effects caused by Cancer and the treatment of Cancer. Years of development and testing have proven UBC Chemo to be highly effective and a great alternative to traditional medicines. So rest assured if you decide to buy/ use Remo Chemo it comes with a University seal of approval. Great work Urban Remo and Dinafem Seeds for bringing us this unique Cancer fighting Strain.

Remo Chemo – how to grow

Whilst cultivating Cannabis in most countries is still illegal Urban Remo do offer cultivation tips. They state, “making sure the environment is dry and well-illuminated, and the plants are not overfed is the key to preserving their identity”. Read more about UBC Chemo.

Genetics: UBC Chemo x Bubba Kush ( Remo Chemo )
Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 24%
CBD Content: 0.1%
Yield Indoors: 500 gm2
Yield Outdoors up to 1000 grams per plant
Plant Height: up to 250 cm
Flowering Time: 65-70 days
Harvest Month: Mid-October
Medical Conditions: Cancer, Lack of Appetite, Nausea, Vomiting
Medicinal Properties: Relieving the side effects of cancer treatments (nausea and vomiting) as well as in boosting the appetite.

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