Princess Haze Regular Seeds

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Princess Haze Regular Cannabis Seeds

Princess Haze is a beefed up version of Cinderella 99. Think Cinderella 99 with more crystals and bigger heavier yields. Brother’s Grimm have out done themselves with this one, it oozes quality and has some awesome pedigree parents that combine beautifully in this hybrid cross.

Princess Haze has Genetics of Princess female x Super Silver Grail Haze. The Princess Female is one of Brothers Grimm Staple Seeds and is the secret ingredients to their award winning and original Cinderella 99. They wanted to beef up Cinders 99 whilst still keeping its main characteristics and flavour. They had to out source to find the perfect Father.

Meet Super Silver Grail Haze an internet phenomenon from their dear friend “has_some_sense”. Brothers Grimm managed to get a hold of this Strain and used it very wisely. Super Silver Grail Haze is a take on Brothers Grimm Original Cinderella 99. “has_some_sense” grew out hundreds of the Original C99 stock and found one true beauty that meet their need perfectly. They them repeated the process to find an amazing Super Silver Haze. Crossing the two created Super Silver Grail Haze a real jewel that excelled in all areas.

Princess Haze Cinderella 99 x Super Silver Grail Haze

Brothers Grimm then crossed their own C99 to Super Silver Grail Haze to make Princess Haze. What a superb Strain combining the two makes for great results. C99 on steroids as Brothers Grimm say. A more robust plant that grows more vigouroulsy with stronger and more side branching. Higher potency, more resin production and bigger denser buds with a larger yield. What more could you ask for.

Princess Haze has an amazing high that hits very fast and lasts a very long time. Being a Haze it is very uplifting and motivational with hints of clarity and deep almost spiritual relaxation. Flavours and tastes are very fruity with a Haze like undertone. This one is definitely on our hit list to try. Cinderella 99 was good but this sounds amazing.

Genetics: Princess female x Super Silver Grail Haze
Sex: Regular
Yield: High
Flowering Time: 63-70 days

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