Mex Auto Seeds

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Mex Auto Cannabis Seeds

Mex Auto is an Autoflowering hybrid of Mexican Sativa and an Afghani Indica Ruderalis. Geordie Seeds are very proud of their new Auto strain. With such great genetics this strain is sure to be an interesting grow.

As with all Autoflowering Cannabis Strains Mex Auto flowers independent of light cycle and will take approximately 10 weeks from planting seed to harvest. Ideal for a quick crop without compromising quality.

Mex Auto is a Sativa dominant strain (65% Sativa, 35% Indica) that grows to around 1 metre tall in ideal conditions. Indoors if you keep the light close enough side branches will develop and help increase yield. Outdoors Mex Auto will grow a bit taller and buds can be a bit looser Outdoors due to the rapid rate it grows towards the light. I would expect yields between 35 and 100 grams per plant, depending on growing conditions.

High wise Mex-Auto falls right down the middle it starts off with a lovely head high that lasts a long time with a very slight body high. Nice tingly effect without the urge to sleep or eat. Its not a fully up high like a Sativa but its not a Couch lock Indica high. Mex Auto will keep you on a level so if you want to socialise and party no problem but if you want to chill no problem as well. An ideal stone for daily use.

Medically Mex Autoflowering is ideal for pain relief, insomnia, relaxing, anxiety, socialising, increasing appetite and as a mood regulator. Not to high but not to low the perfect Medical Marijuana for a busy person.

Dry eyes and Cotton Mouth are a side effect of especially if consumed in large quantities.

Mex Auto Cannabis Seeds vital stats

Genetics: Mexican Sativa x Afghani
THC content: 18%
CBD content: 0.3 – 1.5%
Flowering time: 10 weeks
Yield: 30 – 100 grams per plant
Taste: Sweet and fruity with a pine like undertone
Sex: Autoflowering Feminised

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