Grimmdica Regular Seeds

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Grimmdica Regular Cannabis Seeds

Grimmdica is an old school Indica dominant plant that has great qualities and a great high. Calling all Indica lovers if you like classic Indica strains this may be what your looking for. A very tasty cross of Sensi Seeds Hash Plant and a pure Afghani male Father.

Grimmdica even tastes like old school weed. It has that O so familiar acrid taste of hash with hints of pine and savoury tones. Very Moorish and very Afghan like. A true classic that Brothers Grimm are very proud of.

Grimmdica grows very much like your typical Indica. Short fat structure with big fan leaves and a big sturdy stem that holds the plant up beautifully. A very solid rigid structure allowing for big buds to form perfectly. Inter-nodes are very short and the finished buds are very long and heavy with an unbelievable amount of resin. Sticky doesn’t even come close when describing this one. Due to its Hash Plant heritage the resin is amazing, with big fat resin glands. Ideal for making finger hash or hash of any kind really.

The high off Grimmdica is also what you would expect from an Indica very relaxing and very happy. It is also very quick acting and can really kick you in the teeth if your an inexperienced smoker or decide to smoke a lot of it. Watch out for the couch lock and the munchies as they can also hit you very quickly. Overall Grimmdica is a very special Indica plant that will transport you back to the 1990’s when Weed was scarce and Hash was just about all you could get. A very powerful Indica hybrid with an explosive Hash sensation.

Genetics: Sensi Hashplant (f) X Pure Afghani (m)
Mostly Indica
Sex: Regular
Flowering Time: 8 weeks

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