Green Avenger Regular Seeds

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Green Avenger Regular Cannabis Seeds

Green Avenger from Brother’s Grimm is a Strain created in collaboration with TGA SubCool Genetics. As with all Brothers Grimm Seeds there’s a story behind Green Avenger.

Green Avenger has genetics of Genius x Vortex. It is named in honour of Subcool from TGA (The Green Avengers) Genetics as a personal thanks from Mr Soul at Brothers Grimm. Genius the female Mother is an old strain originally created by Brothers Grimm back in the late 1990’s. When Brothers Grimm went missing in action Mr Soul entrusted the Genius cutting to TGA. TGA or Subcool as he is known loved the Genius Strain and actually wrote a lot about it in his Cannabis book. When Brothers Grimm reformed they decided to use the original Genius cutting to create an awesome strain. Only problem was finding a Father….

TGA Subcool Genetics also had the solution to that. There Vortex Strain, which is a cross of Apollo 13 and Space Queen worked perfectly. Brothers Grimm selected a short phenotype that carried the tropical scent and a very high potency. Together Genius and Vortex make the perfect strain.

Green Avenger produces short squat plants with a unbelievable amount of side branching. Tropical buds almost burst out of every possible bud site, and trust me there’s many. Expect long sticky resin drenched colas that have a very tropical taste and smell. From citrus right through to a sweet pineapple explosion. Exactly what Brothers Grimm were hoping for. The high is euphoric and very quick to take hold.

Genetics: Genius female x Vortex male
Sex: Regular
Yield: High
Flowering Time: 8 weeks

Review taken from “Amazing smoking with a honey+nut taste, easy on the throat and smells a bit like green tea. The high was relaxed but still active and happy.”

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