Gorilla Bomb Feminised Seeds

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Gorilla Bomb Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Bomb is the latest Cannabis Seeds from Bomb Seeds. It is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and their very own THC Bomb. Imagine a gluey resinous strain that gets injected with even more THC.

Gorilla Bomb won’t disappoint, if you are a Gorilla Glue fan or a Bomb Seeds fan this strain is for you. A high THC strain that oozes quality! THC has been recorded at 25% on this strain. It is a Sativa dominant strain that packs a very powerful high. Expect a soaring euphoric high that is very uplifting and energetic. An almost to strong head rush will knock you off your feet as it pummels over you like an express train. Continue smoking and the euphoric high gets a bit more relaxing with happy giggly thought. Smoke some more and like the name suggest it will glue you to the couch. Very hard and fast hitting with a knock out high. This could be one of the strongest strains on the planet right now!

Genetics in Gorilla Bomb are some of the best around at present time. The Gorilla Glue #4 or GG4 cut is one of the best strains to come out of 2016. With good reason it has genetics of Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel. A true connoisseur strain that once smoked never forgotten. Read all about GG4 here.

THC Bomb is Bomb Seeds signature strain and probably their most popular. As the name suggests this one is all about the THC and the highly stoned high it provides. View THC Bomb here.

Gorilla Bomb – Highest THC Cannabis Strain

Expect Gorilla Bomb to have a very funky flavour. It tastes and smells of sweet and sour chocolate with a fuel like tangy after-taste. If at first you don’t get the tastes and flavours exhale deeply and you will. They are quite subtle on the 1st hit but Gorilla Bomb is a cotton mouth strain. Meaning the smoke lingers and feels like it sticks to the inner mouth the flavour develops and becomes more intense. After that 1st hit you will taste every subtle flavour, and boy is it tasty.

The finished bud will be very crystally and very sticky in fact Gorilla Bomb could be a candidate for the World’s stickiest bud. Resin production goes into overdrive in the last few weeks like you’ve never seen it before.

Gorilla Bomb is a slightly Sativa dominant strain that requires 9 – 10 weeks flowering time. The yield is not massive but it is a respectable 400 – 550 grams per metre square. This one is all about the genetics and the high.

Genetics: Clone of the #4 pheno x THC Bomb
Sex: Feminised
THC Content: 25%+
Yield: 400-550 gr/m2
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks
Harvest Month: October

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