G13 Skunk Regular Seeds- Limited Edition

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Geordie Seeds G13 Skunk Limited Edition Regular Cannabis Seeds

G13 Skunk. Limited Edition Cannabis Seeds. Grab them while you can when there gone there gone.

Geordie Seeds is proud to present G13 Skunk Regular Cannabis Seeds with top quality genetics. The 1st production run is complete and Geordie Seeds would like to offer G13 Skunk Seeds as Limited Edition Seeds. These Seeds wont be around for long so grab them while you can

G13 Skunk is an Indica dominant hybrid cross of G13 and Skunk. Here at Geordie Seeds we don’t do thigs by half’s so these Cannabis Seeds are stabilised F2’s with both parent plants being carefully selected as Indica dominant. Also both parents are selected for quick flowering and the female mother used had great yields and dense heavy buds. Expect to see all these traits in G13 Skunk

Geordie Seeds originally breed G13 to find a short squat plant that yielded big and had dense solid colas of sweet Skunk bud. In doing so Geordie Seeds realised what great medical properties G13 Skunk has including treatment for pain relief, multiple sclerosis, depression, arthritis, hyper mobility syndrome, ASPD and many more. You will find G13 Skunk a powerful relaxant with hints of a Sativa clarifying buzz. Be careful with this one as she can cause excess couch lock.

Let us know what you think of these Cannabis Seeds as Geordie Seeds is always after feedback to improve strains.


Breeder Geordie Seeds
Genetics G13 x Skunk
Indica/Sativa % 80/20
Sex Regular
Yield 550- 650 gm2
Medicinal Pain relief + many more
%THC 22.0
%CBD 0.6
Flowering time 7- 8 weeks
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