Cinderella XX FEMINISED Seeds

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Cinderella XX FEMINISED Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella XX FEMINISED Cannabis Seeds. Yes you read that correct Brothers Grimm have decided to launch two new FEMINISED Cannabis Seeds. I never thought I would see the day that Brothers Grimm, famed for their Regular Genetics, would release Feminised Seeds. Well they have and they are now available here at 420 Cannabis Seeds. The two Feminised options are Cinderella XX and Apollo XX.

Cinderella XX Feminised is a Feminised version of their classic Regular Cinderella 99. It has the same great Genetics of C99 and Princess and the same great high. I would grab this Strain if you see it in stock as it is going to be a great seller. Brothers Grimm have a massive following and we believe a lot of people will snap up the Feminised Seeds as they are more convenient and allow you to try their great Genetics.

Cinderella XX is a uniform Strain in the fact that there is very little difference between all plants. It is very stable and all plants will grow very similar. Expect high THC levels, quick flowering, massive yields and stunning looking Weed. The high can be Psychoactive and trippy so be careful you don’t over do it. A very clear headed high that can lead to creativity and bouts of energy. Flavours and tastes are sublime with rich deep fruits mingling with Skunk like Cheese.

She will grow uniform plants that grow vigorously with large compact colas and a high flower to leaf ratio. Trimming is easy if you can get through the resin encrusted buds. Definite sticky icky buds that ooze resin. Bag appeal is at a maximum with buds forming coloured flecks of reds and purples later on in flowering.

Cinderella XX Feminised Cannabis Seeds Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm have stated “Brothers Grimm have traditionally refused to offer feminized seeds because they didn’t believe it was necessary, and they didn’t want to risk hermaphroditism. However, their research during 2016 led them to a method which produced their first feminized version of Cinderella 99 – they call it Cinderella XX, to indicate the two X chromosomes” So there you have it Feminised Seeds from Brothers Grimm. Some may so O no Brothers Grimm why? Others will be jumping for joy at their leap into the Feminised Seeds World. What do you think?

Genetics: Princess x C99 female pollen donor
Sex: Feminised
Yield: High
Flowering Time: 56-65 days

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