Cinderella 99 Regular Seeds

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Cinderella 99 Regular Cannabis Seeds

Cinderella 99 is back and better than ever. Brothers Grimm were the original creator of Cinderella 99 back in the 1990’s. Now there back and they have brought their Original genetics with them. This strain is a true original and is the best Cinderella 99 on the market today. If I was you I would grab some seed if you see them in stock. Brothers Grimm are an in demand Seedbank and their strains are selling out very quickly. I guess everyone wants genetics that are the best ever.

Cinderella 99 was last seen in 2002 when Brothers Grimm closed. Since then there have been many copies, some good some bad. Some even used the last stock Brothers Grimm ever sold to create hybrids of Cinderella 99. As Brothers Grimm are back they wanted to resurrect their most famous strain for all to see it’s still the best Cinderella 99 ever.

Genetics are not a problem for Brothers Grimm, Mr Soul kept seeds of all original Cannabis Seeds. Lucky really as he had some true original beauties. The original C99 seeds were grown until they found just what they were looking for. Batch after batch were grown smoked and rejected. After many cycles of this they hit upon a male that looked amazing and they knew instantly this was their new Father. This Father was then crossed with the P50 female Cannabis Seeds. The Princess and the best female for the job. C99 is now ready for growers to delight in her super human abilities.

Cinderella 99, Connoisseur Weed.

Cinderella 99 is a strain for the Connoisseur, it is undoubtedly high quality and the flavours are outstanding. Ranging from a super fruity sweetness to a skunky earthy taste. Very Moorish, intense and very tantalising. Ever hit has your taste buds tingling with an explosion of pure joy. That’s just the taste and smells the high is also outstanding. Very typical C99 high with a soaring effect that is very clear and mind focusing. A very Haze like high which increase motivation and creativity. Watch out though some may find this bud to strong as it is aimed at very experienced smokers. Could you handle it? Psychoactivity is a definite possibility.

Cinderella 99 when tested by Brothers Grimm produced a lot of Purple and red phenotypes which can add to the appeal, a definite top shelf smoke.

C99 Original x Princess
Sex: Regular
Yield: High
Flowering Time: 8 weeks

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