C99 Fast Feminised Seeds

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C99 Fast Feminised Cannabis Seeds

C99 Fast is an all new Feminised Cannabis Strain from Geordie Seeds. It is a fast flowering version of Cinderella 99 and it is definitely worth a grow. Being a Sativa dominant plant C99 Fast can really pack a punch and will leave you feeling extremely high and uplifted with a dreamy almost catatonic stone. Warning not for the novice smoker as THC content can exceed 23%.

Cinderella 99 as you probably already know is a Strain that has been around for a long time. Originally a Brothers Grimm Strain that was developed from Seeds found in a bag of Jack Herer purchased in Amsterdam. Others debate it is a cross of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk, either way it is a very popular Strain that Geordie Seeds have always loved.

So what is special about Geordie Seeds version of Cinderella 99? Well C99 Fast is infact a Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 backcrossed to a Sensi Seeds Shiva Skunk. It is typically faster than all C99 Strains, flowering in just 7 weeks. (We like to leave it 8 weeks to enhance flavour and bring out more colours). This is an Indoor and Outdoor Strain that behaves more like an Indica than a Sativa. It grows relatively short (around 1 metre) and loves to bush out to form a really bushy, branchy plant. Yields are high and come in at around the 600 grams per metre square Indoors. Outdoors C99 Fast may grow a little taller and require stacking but the yield will be bigger. It is highly recommended to train your plant using super-cropping or simply cut the tops of prior to flowering to promote multiple flowering heads.

C99 Fast- What’s the high like?

C99 Fast being Sativa dominant is an ideal Strain for pain relief. It targets pain fast and can relieve just about any pain. Ideal for migraine sufferers and people who suffer from muscle pain. It is also reported amongst the Medical community to aid in depression and fatique as it is classed as an upper. It will provide bursts of energy and can aid in lifting the mood and a general feeling of happiness and creativity. Not recommended for night time use as it will stimulate your brain and prevent sleep.

C99 Fast has an exotic taste and smell of tangy citrus like flavours that are sharp and very noticeable. An undertone of earth and freshness are detectable on the exhale along with a subtle menthol kick that is refreshing and unique. Growth wise buds are very compact, totally encrusted in resin and totally beautiful. Expect sharp lime coloured leaves that are offset perfectly with the bright orange hairs. All this in 7 – 8 weeks, what more could you want in a plant?

C99 Fast is a heavy feeder, especially in the mid to later flowering phase.

Genetics: C99 x Shiva Skunk
Sex: Feminised
Yield: 600 gm2
Sativa dominant
Flowering Time: 7 – 8 weeks

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