Blueberry Auto Seeds

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Geordie Seeds Blueberry Auto Flowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds

At last the awesome Blueberry weed now available in Auto Flowering Seeds. Blueberry Cannabis Seeds are world renowned and very sought after. This is due to its unique purple/ blue colour and wonderful fruity Blueberry tastes and aromas.

Geordie Seeds Blueberry Auto is an Indica dominant hybrid strain. First bred in the early 1980s Blueberry is a 3 way cross of Juicy Fruit x Purple Thai x Afghani. 70 days from seed to harvest. Indoor and Outdoor strain.

Blueberry Cannabis Seeds have the famous Blueberry flavours and colours. Also they will yield very well. Dense solid buds that are soaked with resin and are very potent. Auto Blueberry gives a smooth, hugely enjoyable yet powerful Indica effect which lasts several hours. Everyone should try growing this variety at least once!

Blueberry Auto is used for anxiety and stress related medicine, pain relief, and muscle relaxation as well.

Geordie Seeds Blueberry Auto will exhibit more vivid and electric colour hues if you lower temperatures towards the end of the flowering cycle.

Seed Bank Geordie Seeds
Genetics Juicy Fruit x Purple Thai x Afghani
Indica/Sativa % 80/20
Sex Auto Feminised
Yield 300- 400+ gm2
Medicical Bud ? Mind blowing
% THC 14.0+
%CBD low
Flowering time 7- 10 weeks
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