Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds

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Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream is fast becoming a World renowned Medical Marijuana strain. It’s the latest hot strain to come out of California. Blue Dream is all over Medical dispensaries and the Medical market.

Geordie Seeds are proud to present Blue Dream Feminised Cannabis Seeds. Now available here at 420 Cannabis Seeds UK.

Blue Dream is a Medical wonder and is used to treat stress and anxiety. It is said to calm the mind and is a go to strain for deep relaxation and total body high. Very euphoric and chilled out strain.

Most dispensaries label Blue-Dream as a Sativa dominant strain due to its head high and energetic buzz. However it is actually a 50/50 hybrid of Indica and Sativa. Genetics in Blue Dream are Super Silver Haze x Blueberry. The Haze part gives the head rush and energetic feeling, whilst the Blueberry part is the calming Indica dominant soothing body high. With this combination of genetics together Blue-Dream has long-lasting effects that are typically full-bodied and euphoric.

How does it grow?

Grows like a typical hybrid with medium-sized plants and long lots of compact resin soaked buds that pack on the weight around week 5. Two phenotypes are present in Blue-Dream the more Sativa leaning type that typically grows taller with longer more airy buds. The Indica pheno that is a bit shorter and more compact. Either pheno displays trademark Haze hairs that are thick and peachy with crystals wrapped around them. I would expect Blue Dream to take around 9 – 10 weeks to gain optimum MMJ.

Smells and tastes are reminiscent of Blueberry Cookies with a long-lasting smooth creamy aftertaste. Cotton Mouth guaranteed.

Highly recommended for Medical Marijuana

Super Silver Haze x Blueberry
9 – 10 weeks
THC: 18 %
CBD: 0.4 %

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