Black Rhino Feminised Seeds

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Geordie Seeds Black Rhino Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Geordie Seeds Black Rhino is one of our favourites with short squat plants that pack on the Medical Bud very very quickly. These Feminised Cannabis seeds are a cross of White Rhino the delicious monster plant with OG Kush. Expect very short sturdy Cannabis Plants with exceptionally strong branches that can hold enormous buds when fully mature. Fan leaves on these plants are huge indicating its 100% Indica heritage. Geordie Seeds Black Rhino won’t take long to finish so be prepared for lots of dense clumpy nuggets of white THC covered dark green and long hairs of such a dark red that they are nearly black. Smells are reminiscent of OG Kush fruitness with a danker fuel like diesel hint. Black Rhino is a hard hitting plant typical of Indicas it can induce couch lock very quick.

Seed Bank Geordie Seeds
Genetics White Rhino x OG Kush
Indica/Sativa % 100% Indica
Sex Feminised
Yield 500+ gm2
Medical Bud ? Very relaxing
% THC 18.0+
% CBD 0.9
Flowering time 7- 9 weeks
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