BC God Bud Feminised Seeds

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BC God Bud Feminised Cannabis Seeds

BC God Bud is a Feminised Cannabis Seeds from BC Bud Depot. God Bud is an award winning strain that put Canada on the map as far as Cannabis goes. BC God Bud is an Indica dominant hybrid cross of God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk. Expect monster yields of large heavy buds.

God Bud is a Canadian cutting that is pretty elusive. It is known for it’s vast resin production and its almost sickening musky smell. Being Indica dominant God Bud provides users with an unusual high. Many people report the original God Bud cutting as hallucinogenic and this trait has been passed onto to BC Bud Depot’s God Bud. Very euphoric and very mind altering with possible out of body experiences. Float away on tropical islands with out a care in the world.

BC God Bud is very popular Worldwide as a cash crop. It only takes 8-9 weeks to achieve some of the most delicious Weed ever. Tastes and smells include a musky undertone with hits of tropical fruit and berries fro the Hawaiian genetics.

BC God Bud is highly sought after in the Medical community due to its euphoric effects. It is known to relieve stress, pain and help anxiety sufferers. However I would not plan to do much on this one as it makes you very lazy and zoned out. Ultimate relaxation with a trip to heaven and back.

How does BC God Bud Grow?

BC God Bud will grow like a typical Indica plant. Very short, squat and compact. Expect big dark green fan leaves fat chunky stems. Maximum height on this one is 122 cm so no training or bending required. Buds will form from week 3 of flowering and from then will explode into action. Crystals will form around week 4 week 5 and boy will it look amazing. As the plant matures it will become a real show stopper. Buds will adapt a red, purple tinge around the edges and the whole plant will look amazing. Crystals are out of this world and when the plant is mature they could be literally scraped off with a knife.

Genetics: God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk
Mostly Indica
THC Content: 24%
Yield: Heavy yield
Plant Height: 92cm – 122cm
Flowering Time: 8 – 9 weeks
Harvest Month: Mid-October
Medical Conditions: Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain, PTSD

High Times Cannabis Cup 1st place Indica – 2004
ICMag 420 Hash Cup #2 Hash Cup – 2005
Battle of the Bridges Cup #1 Overall Cup – 2005
Top 10 Strains of the Year Top Strain- 2005

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