Apollo Eleven Regular Seeds

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Apollo Eleven Regular Cannabis Seeds

Apollo Eleven is a Sativa dominant plant that flowers rapidly and produces an amazing amount of crystals. Flowering time is stated as 55-63 days which is less than 9 weeks. Pretty amazing for the results you get.

Expect a hard hitting strain that oozes quality and resin. The yield is pretty awesome to, Brother’s Grimm state “A 36 to 48-inch-tall plant yields 3-5 dry ounces per plant. Above average yield.” Apollo Eleven has genetics of Genius and Cinderella 99. She tastes and smells very citrus like with hints of grapefruit, sweet cotton and gummy bears. A definite unique taste and smell that will make Apollo Eleven one of your all time favourites.

Growth wise Apollo Eleven is very misleading for a Sativa dominant plant at least. She will grow to a medium height with typical long slender Sativa leaves. Her buds however will grow very tight and very dense, more like an Indica. There isn’t really any different phenotypes as the all grow very uniform and behave in similar ways. Pinching out flowering heads is also a good idea to create more of a bushy plant.

Apollo Eleven – The High

Now onto the important bit. What does Apollo Eleven smoke like and how does the high feel? Well she smokes like an absolute dream and really can me abit mind altering. A very strong smoke that is cerebral and uplifting. Not recommended for novice smokers or bed time smokes as she will keep you alert and wide awake. Can get a bit trippy when consumed in vast amounts.

Genetics: Genius female x Cinderella 99 male
Mostly Sativa
Sex: Regular
Yield: High
Plant Height: Medium
Flowering Time: 55-63 days

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