Apollo 13 Regular Seeds

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Apollo 13 Regular Cannabis Seeds

Apollo 13 is the original Apollo 13 don’t accept any imitations. This one is one of Brothers Grimms original strains, it may have been copied over the years but this is the holy grail of Apollo 13, the original and the very best.

Apollo 13 is a strain of great mystery and a lot of Cannabis enthusiasts love this strain if they can get their hands on it. It has genetics of Genius and P75. Never heard of them? Well both parents were legends back when Brothers Grimm originally started their breeding program. Lets delve a little bit into Genius and P75’s history.

Genius is a strain that Brothers Grimm found in Amsterdam in the early 90’s. It was found in a bag of weed and stabilised to create an amazing hybrid plant that performed well on all fronts. The genetics are believed to be Jack Herer crossed with something else. That unfortunately is all we know about the elusive strain Genius.

P75 or Princess 75 to state its correct name is a direct descendant of Princess and Princess 50. After that the history of P75 is pretty elusive, we don’t even who the genetics. Mr Soul the original founder of Brothers Grimm stashed away these seeds for over a decade. He broke out the prized Seeds just to create the all new Apollo-13 strain.

Apollo 13 is back and better than ever.

So as you can see Apollo 13 is a bit of a mystery. What we do know is that its a Skunky strain that grows short and squat with very short inter-nodes and very thick branching. It is an ideal all around strain as it has a balanced Indica to Sativa ratio. Its effect are very long lasting with a clear and cerebral high. No paranoia with a very clean and crisp high. Ideal for creativity and motivation.

Buds on Apollo 13 are very long and very fat. They sparkle with caked on crystals that are truly amazing. Expect a skunk like taste and aroma with very pronounced citrus, tropical fruity undertones. Very exotic with a definite mystery feel about it. Apollo 13 is a new Cannabis Strain with vintage genetics.

Genetics: Genius x P75
Sex: Regular
Yield: Medium-High
Plant Height: Short
Flowering Time: 8 weeks

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