Albino Fire Skunk OG Regular Seeds

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Albino Fire Skunk OG Regular Cannabis Seeds

Albino Fire Skunk OG is a great new Cannabis Strain from Digital Genetics. It has Genetics of White Fire OG #3 x Snowlotus x Pineapple Skunk. She is a high yielding Skunk strain that can really stink the place out.

Albino Fire Skunk OG has some pretty tropical genetics. The OG combines perfectly with Pineapple to create a very fruity hybrid that reeks of berries, pineapple and Skunk. Watch out for the different phenotypes. They range from Watermelon, rubbing alcohol and Peach flavoured baby powder. Peach flavours and aromas isn’t one that comes up often in Weed growing so watch out for this one as she is very unique and very Moorish.

Being slightly Sativa dominant this strain can get rather tall after you flip to 12/12. Watch out you don’t burn this lovely lady as she will stretch 2 times her height in flowering. A monster plant that finishes in only 8 – 11 weeks depending on pheno. Allowing them all to go to 10/ 10.5 weeks would give you the perfect plant. Buds are very dense and very colourful with an extra ordinary amount of resin. Crystals are literally popping off this plant.

As Albino Fire Skunk OG are Regular Cannabis Seeds they make an ideal choice for breeders. You will find some pretty out there phenos in these Seeds and keeping a copy is a great idea. Future Cannabis Breeders will thank you for preserving such great genetics.

Male: White Fire OG # 3 x Snowlotus
Female: Pineapple Skunk
Flowering time: 56-65 days
Indica/Sativa: 45% / 55%
Yield: Very Big
Stretch: 2x

Carbon filter is a must with these ladies. The smell of Tropical Skunk will travel far and wide.

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