AK47 Auto Seeds

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Geordie Seeds AK47 Autoflowering Feminised Cannabis Seeds

AK47 is some of the best smoke you will ever taste. With killer yields and an extremely strong potent high. Now available in Automatic form. AK47 Auto is a cross of Ruderalis, Columbian, Thai, Mexican and Afghani. Mostly Sativa dominant traits but with an Indica finishing time of 10 weeks from seed. No need to change the light cycle as Autos flower on age dependency rather than light cycle. Under 18 to 20 hours of light flowering will automatically commence at approximately 14 days in. After this expect a rapid explosion of flower production with copious amounts of resin crystals quickly covering the ever expanding buds.

Tip When grown in low to medium temperatures AK47 Auto produces thick dense buds. When high temperatures the buds tend to be fluffier. Don’t worry though no yield difference

Breeder Geordie Seeds
Genetics Ruderalis x Columbian x Thai x Mexican x Afghani
Indica/Sativa % 30/70
Sex Feminised Auto Flowering
Yield Up to 600gm2
Medicinal Appetite stimulant, relaxant, anxiety control
%THC 18.0- 23.0
%CBD 0.1
Flowering time 10 weeks
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