Afghan Kush SPECIAL Feminised

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Afghan Kush Special Feminised Cannabis Seeds

Afghan Kush Special is an easy to grow Feminised strain that adapts to any climate very well. In fact it can adapt to changing climates due to its 100% Afghani heritage. These seeds were found growing wild in the Hindu Kush mountains. World of Seeds took these Landrace seeds and engineered them to be more stable and more suitable to tougher climates.

Afghan Kush Special is a 100% Indica plant that produces great yields of up to 400 grams per metre square Indoors and well over 500 grams per plant Outdoors. These great yields are produced with only 6 – 8 weeks flowering time and they start showing buds in as little as 2 weeks from flowering. I would expect Indoors a maximum height of 1.5 metres, whereas Outdoors they become slightly taller at around 2m.

Afghan Kush Special has 20% THC content

Plants grow with big fat dark green Indica leaves and produce round buds that are very compact and very sticky. Ideal for making hash out of as Afghan Kush Special produces a lot of sticky, hashy resin THC levels are around the 20% mark and the high is very typical of an Indica. Very narcotic and very lazy stone. Smells are of old skool hashish with an ever so slight fruity undertone.

Highly recommended as Medical Marijuana due to it’s narcotic sleep inducing properties. Watch out for the couch lock though.

Genetics: 100% Afghan Kush
100% Indica
THC: 20%
CBD: Unknown
Plant height: 1.5m Indoors / Outdoors 2.0m
Yield: Indoors 400- 450gm2 / Outdoors 400 – 550 grams per plant.

An exceptional plant that can be grown Indoors and Outdoors. Outdoors these plants will flourish and adapt very quickly to their environment. Outdoors the latest harvest is early November.

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