Bubblegum Cannabis

Bubblegum Cannabis

Bubblegum Cannabis Strain

Bubblegum Cannabis is a highly popular hybrid Strain of Cannabis that like the name suggests tastes just like “Bubble Gum”. It is an old school Strain that descends from America. It originally descends from Indiana in America. As a cutting it did the rounds of America for many years from the early 1970’s. When Cannabis really took off in Amsterdam – Holland in the mid 1990’s this Strain was imported in vast quantities to satisfy smokers in coffee shops. Soon the Dutch growers realised how wonderful Bubblegum Cannabis was and decided to market it to the masses in Seed form. Some of the original Bubblegum Genetics were created by Serious Seeds who took the Strain to the next level. Bubblegum Cannabis is now World renowned and loved by everyone who has the delight of smoking or growing it.

Bubblegum Cannabis has two distinct structures whilst growing. The first is a pole like structure. The plant will grow with one main cola and minimal side branching. This structure is ideal for the Sea of Green method, where you pack lots of small pots side by side to obtain an even canopy of buds. The other structure is more Christmas Tree like. It will grow bushy with buds forming all over the plant. Ideally Bubblegum Cannabis should be pruned to prevent lanky plants as she loves to stretch during initial flowering. Also veg time should be kept to a minimum to prevent tall plants. Support is a must during flowering as buds can get very heavy and cause the stems to bend or snap totally.

Bubblegum Cannabis effects

The Bubblegum plant as stated tastes very much like the sweet candy “Bubble Gum” it has a rich and strong sweet flavour and taste that coats your mouth. It is a hybrid plant so should be pretty evenly balanced between Indica and Sativa. It’s high is relaxing but not couch lock bed time relaxing. You can still enjoy your day and get things done. A very happy high that will keep you coming back for more.

Below you can view our top picks for Bubblegum Cannabis Strains. Just click on the pictures for more info. They have been hand selected for the best Bubble Gum taste and overall performance.

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