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Best Outdoor Autos

Best Outdoor Autos

Best Outdoor Autos for 2016

Best Outdoor Autos ? I get asked often, especially this time of year when the sun is shinning, what are the best Auto’s to grow Outdoors? Below you will find my top 5 picks of outstanding Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds that will perform well Outdoors.

420 Cannabis Seeds knows people require different properties from a plant so we have tried to compile this list from a range of Seeds that have varying properties. All strains are great Outdoor Autos that can be grown around the World in many climates.

Best Outdoor Autos
Northern Light x Big Bud Auto

In at number 1 we have Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto by World of Seeds. Selected as number one on our Best Outdoor Autos list due to its massive THC content of 22% and its ability to produce huge yields of over 140 grams per plant in less than 8 weeks. Read more about Northern Light x Big Bud Auto

Best Outdoor Autos
Original Amnesia Auto

At number 2 we have Original Amnesia Auto by Dinafem Seeds. This one is a true monster and can reach heights of 1.5 metres and be as wide as it is tall. With yields of up to 150 grams per plant this Sativa dominant Auto is perfect for Outdoor use. Read more about Original Amnesia Auto

Best Outdoor Autos
Auto Sweet Dwarf

At number 3 we have we have Auto Sweet Dwarf by Advanced Seeds is a strain ideal for gorilla growing, with a compact structure and short flowering time. This Indica dominant lady is finished in as little as 8 weeks and grows to a max height of 1m. Most phenos of this one are around 50 cm tall. Read more about Auto Sweet Dwarf

Best Outdoor Autos
Pineapple Express Auto

At number 4 I would recommend Pineapple Express Auto by Barney’s Farm. This is a true classic that is full of flavour and grows great Outdoors. Mostly Indica dominant and ready after just 60 days from seed. Read more about Pineapple Express.

Best Outdoor Autos
White Widow High CBD Auto

At number 5, I believe this list would not be complete without a high CBD Auto. White Widow Auto CBD is one of 5 new high high CBD strains from Greenhouse Seeds. The classic White Widow strain with 5 – 8% CBD and 5 – 8% THC. Highly effective Medical Marijuana that can be grown Outdoors with great end products. Read more about White Widow Auto high CBD.

Please note this list is our own opinion and 420 Cannabis Seeds does not recommend you grow Cannabis without 1st checking out your own Countries laws.

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