420 Cannabis Seeds Update

420 Cannabis Seeds Update – What a year that was – 2020 year of the Covid!

420 Cannabis Seeds would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and offer our Safest Regards for 2021! 2020 turned out to be a total washout, Covid 19 ripped through the World reeking havoc and causing people to look at life in a different way. The UK was preoccupied with Brexit until bam… Covid took over the news, the media and everyone’s thoughts and lifestyles.

Are we on the cusp of normality or is this the new normal? Only time will tell. Here’s to sharing good times with friends and family, enjoying meals out and parties galore. For 420 Cannabis Seeds Cannabis has been our lifeline throughout 2020. Social distancing has changed many things but it cant get in the way of growing or enjoying Cannabis… obviously whilst social distancing. May we all puff puff pass very soon.

420 Cannabis Seeds Update will hopefully keep you up to date with what’s going on with us and how things have changed in this last year.

Firstly an apology for absence/ lack of posts. An illness has took us away from dedicating time to 420 Cannabis Seeds website. We are back now and better than ever. Hopefully 2021 will see our loyal customers happy new customers leaving positive reviews.

Ok so what’s new with 420 Cannabis Seeds

Firstly on a sad note we are no longer shipping any seeds outside of the UK. This is due to Brexit and the complications involved in shipping from a non EU country. This may change in the future but for now we are dedicating our time and efforts on UK Seeds sales.

420 Cannabis Seeds can no longer take card payments for seeds. This is due to payment providers banning the sale of Cannabis Seeds via visa and other cards. This is an issue we have had for many years and it effects every Cannabis Seeds website in the UK. If they are taking card payments they should not be and it is highly likely they are not reporting what they are selling. This causes issues for buyers and sellers and can result in customers loosing money. Please be aware of this and stay safe when inputting your details whilst purchasing seeds elsewhere.

420 offer bank transfer as their main option whilst purchasing Seeds. It is highly secure, no mention of seeds on bank statements and fully backed by the government. Although it may be abit more hassle to complete a bank transfer it keeps your money safe and away from third party payment providers that may charge a fee or block transactions due to adult content. Yes believe it or not whilst seeds are perfectly legal to sell the government deem them as drugs paraphernalia and stop all card transactions were possible. Please be safe with your money!

Read more about our bank transfer policy here

On a more positive note 420 Cannabis Seeds are updating their website and intend to dramatically overhaul our current Seedbanks. We will be adding new seeds everyday, adding new Seedbanks that we deem outstanding and we will also be removing old Seedbanks and strains that do not sell.

More free Cannabis Seeds will become available and more special offers that will blow your mind are on their way.

As always we are the cheapest Cannabis Seeds Shop online and that’s a promise. We also offer free UK delivery on every purchase and aim to be the best Seedbank in the UK.

The highest and Safest Regards for 2021! Much love 420 xx