ow to Save Money with Cannabis during Community Quarantine

Not everyone who consumes marijuana features a lot of cash to spare thereon. Most of them are on a budget. And for those that have a medical condition, marijuana has got to fit alongside all other essentials instead of taking an honest chunk of their savings. With the economy bearing a tough blow of the […]

New Cannabis Strains 2017

New Cannabis Strains 2017 – Geordie Seeds New Cannabis Strains 2017 – Geordie Seeds have just released two new Cannabis Strains. Alien Sour Diesel Auto and C99 Fast Feminised. Click on the pictures below for more info. Don’t forget these Seeds can be purchased in 1- 100 Seeds. Bulk buy Cannabis Seeds today to save […]

CBD: An All-Natural Way to Get Rid of Your Anxiety

CBD Greencamp

CBD and Anxiety Anxiety is one annoying and persistent mental condition. We all feel it from time to time, and it is perfectly fine in moderate amounts. But, when anxiety starts to interfere with your everyday activities (like sleep) and lasts for more than a few days, it’s time to do something about it. There […]

Geordie Seeds Update

Geordie Seeds Update

Geordie Seeds Update Geordie Seeds Update takes a look at an established Seedbank that has been selling quality Genetics since 2009. Geordie-Seeds offer a wide range of Feminised, Regular and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds. For a while now Geordie Seeds have been quiet. That is all about to change. Rest assured breeding, developing and testing of […]

Bubblegum Cannabis

Bubblegum Cannabis

Bubblegum Cannabis Strain Bubblegum Cannabis is a highly popular hybrid Strain of Cannabis that like the name suggests tastes just like “Bubble Gum”. It is an old school Strain that descends from America. It originally descends from Indiana in America. As a cutting it did the rounds of America for many years from the early […]

GYO Collection – DNA Genetics

GYO Collection - DNA Genetics

GYO Collection – DNA Genetics GYO Collection is a collection of Cannabis Seeds released by DNA Genetics. Did you know GYO actually stands for “Grow Your Own“? This collection contains premium quality Cannabis Seeds from one of the best Breeders out there. Connoisseur Cannabis growers have been waiting for GYO Collection for a while now […]